The Practical Facts you should know about Whirlpool Baths – from Controls to Plumbing to Electricals


Whirlpool baths are a valuable addition to any home, more so if you do decide or are planning to sell your home in the future. With the addition of a special whirlpool bath to your bathroom, you can increase your home’s value as well as enjoy some great physical and mental benefits. But apart from the usual aspects you should know about, such as the whirlpool bath’s features, positioning, and the available space you have in your bathroom, you should also consider a few other practical facts before having a whirlpool bath installed in your bathroom. Following are the most important practical facts you should know about whirlpool baths, from controls to plumbing to electrical requirements.

The controls

Most whirlpool baths have controls which are positioned in such a way that they can be easily accessed, often at the top. For those who may have some difficulty reaching behind them for the controls, having your controls placed at the bath’s top is a better option. Whilst most whirlpool bath controls are splash-proof, it’s still advisable not to have them placed directly underneath a showerhead. You can usually decide on the placement of the controls upon ordering the whirlpool bath.

The plumbing and electrical requirements

The good thing about whirlpool baths nowadays is that they usually come with complete features as a single unit, so any experienced plumber should not have any difficulty fitting them into your bathroom, especially since they are designed to be fitted just like any regular bath. In most cases, there is no need for any additional plumbing work.

Also, after the whirlpool bath is fitted, a qualified and experienced electrician should have no problem fixing the connections for electricity as well.

The pumps

Most whirlpool baths are outfitted with a pump with ¾ horsepower, and running these pumps will often require not more than 4 amps. Often, however, the initial run of the pump (when the water is first moved around the bath’s system) requires a higher amp. Some whirlpool baths are equipped with pumps with a greater horsepower (about 1 and ¼). The average size of a pump would be around 15 inches in length and 10 inches in height.

The maintenance requirements of a whirlpool bath

Another welcome fact when it comes to whirlpool baths is that they don’t require too much maintenance, even if you use them regularly. This is because the only working or functional parts of a typical whirlpool bath are the motor, the pump, and the switch. However, the system’s insides would need regular cleaning in order to remove any traces of soap, but there are also particular cleaners for this.

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