The Signs That You Need a Pest Control Professional


Pests are a constant threat to your home or business. There are billions of bugs outside your home, and they are constantly trying to find new food sources. Your home represents a place to live and eat for far too many bugs. There are many things you can do that will protect you from pests. You should make sure that you are keeping bugs from getting into your home by sealing your windows and doors. You should also make sure that any intentional punctures into your home are sealed. These are places where plumbing pipes go in or out of your house, your air conditioner, and so on. You should also reduce anywhere that bugs might propagate. You should eliminate any standing water around your home. Also, you should keep your garden cut short so that fewer bugs can reproduce. However, there are certain things that only a professional can handle. Here are some of those signs.

Signs of Termites

Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world. Every year in Australia, termites do as much damage as just about any other form of natural disaster. If you’ve ever had a termite infestation, you know that their classification as a natural disaster is warranted. A termite infestation is dangerous, disruptive, destructive, and quite expensive to solve. Catching it early is the best way to minimise the impact. My Pestie professionals look for certain telltale signs of a termite infestation. You can look for those signs before you call them.

If you see termite wings around your home, you likely have termites. The wings fall off very easily, so they are often left behind wherever termites have been. They are very thin, light wings. Also, you should look for mud tubes. Termites burrow into wood and use wet dirt to pack the hole. If you see holes beginning to emerge in your walls, you need to call Gold Coast pest control experts. You should also inspect the outside of your home to look for irregular holes. If you see any of these things, you need to call a pest control expert immediately.


Rodents are pervasive and annoying pests. Typically, they are just irritating. In rare cases, they can actually spread disease, so you do need to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Rodents are often identified by sound or by the food they leave behind. If you find food in your home that looks like it has been chewed on, especially through the wrapper, you probably have rodents. They tend to prefer foods that contain sugar, which is why candy bars and granola bars are so often the target of rodents. The professionals at My Pestie can help you eliminate the rodents but only if you call them. The sooner you call them, the more effective they will be.

Also, you should listen for rodents. They tend to have tiny claws that make noise as they move around. When they move around in your walls or in your attic, that sound is often amplified by the walls themselves. If you hear scratching and scurrying in your walls, don’t wait for it to just go away. Call a professional.


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