Three Decorating Tips for Your New Apartment


Getting a new apartment is an exciting experience. The ability to have your own space is something many people dream of. Once you’ve signed the lease and receive the keys, you walk in and wonder what’s next. After you’ve moved in, it’s now time to decorate. For many people, decorating is a perfect way to express your style and personality. It’s a chance to create a space you feel comfortable. Decorating is about turning a house into a home. If you’re stumped on what to do when it’s time to decorate, try out these three tips.

  1. Color

It is wise to fill up a space with color to infuse life into it. Even if you prefer a monochromatic color scheme, color is great because it livens up a room. It’s great for making a statement. There are different ways to infuse color into a room. You can choose to paint the walls or use removable wallpaper. You can also paint one wall with a different color than the rest. This is considered a statement wall. Accessories like picture frames and floral arrangements are excellent ways to infuse color into a room as well.

  1. Texture

Texture is good for decorating specifically because it adds an element of depth. When it comes to texture, try to use different fabrics more. If you have a long sofa, don’t be afraid to try different pillows. Use a silk or satin pillow and mix it with a few cotton or decorative pillows with fabrics like polyester or rayon. An area rug is excellent for pulling a room together. Consider using area rugs made from Berber carpet or a shag material for interesting flair.

In addition to fabrics, consider using different types of material for your decor. Incorporating glass, clay, gold and various metals add more dimension. A golden vase that can hold flowers or a bronze tray that sits on the coffee table would be nice to consider including. A fun DIY project involves purchasing mirrors and applying an etched glass design on top. Instead of a standard mirror, you’ll know have a more personalized decoration to hang as you please.

  1. Privacy

Since it is your own apartment, it is wise to maintain an element of privacy. Just because you have privacy doesn’t mean things need to look dark like you’re in a dungeon. In order to maintain privacy but avoid the look of being in a prison, try curtains. Curtains can also add to the element of texture as well. It is easy to find curtains with different textures. The standard cotton curtains are nice. There are different textures of curtains like bamboo and velvet as well. If you don’t like the idea of keeping the curtains on hand, consider the use of static cling window film. Static cling window film is so much fun to use and it’s easy to remove when you move out of the apartment. It’s great because the static cling window film comes in various colors, prints and designs. This is another excellent way to display your personal style and maintain a strong sense of privacy.

If you desire to use these decorating tips, it’ll be wise to do things gradually. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The decor in your apartment won’t come together immediately either. As time progresses, you’ll be able to see what the room needs. Just remember to have fun and take lots of pictures along the way.

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