Tips from Residential Plumbers


Most of the plumbing problems that occur, you can fix yourself, but we don’t think much about it until it happens. There are two types of plumbing, residential and commercial. Residential is specified for households and every plumbing issue they have. You should always know if the problem is, for example, in the sewer or sing, so you can call the plumber that specializes in the area of the problem. More experienced plumbers can figure out any plumbing problem in the house.

Because calling a company for help costs, many people try to fix the problem which sometimes ends up badly. Besides that, you should know which plumber to call for help because no one wants inexperienced plumbers to work alone on the issue. Go online to view article that will show you what to do in these situations.

Removing Clogs

Having a clog can be very annoying, and we like to put everything in it, just because we don’t want to do the hard work. You can find many products in a local store that promises you to unclog everything, but most of them will damage your pipes. The stronger the chemical is the more damage it will do.

Many plumbers will recommend manual unclogging and with many useful tools you can get online for less than $15, it shouldn’t be that hard. Also, you will save a lot of money if you try fixing things manually. When you notice a blockage, before you call a plumbing company, try to do it yourself because in most cases it isn’t something hard to manage.

Pipes Location

When you know where your pipes are located through the house, it is easier to find where the problem occurred. Also, this is very beneficial to prevent any problems that can happen, when you are renovating or just placing a picture on the wall. When you try to place the nail in the wall it can happen that you damage a pipe which will lead to leaking.

If you want to make sure, there are sensors you can buy which will detect where the pipes are. Another tip is to go in the basement and look where they are going, so you can have the idea where not to drill. In some cases, plumbers will ask you for this information if they need to make some adjustments.

Replacing Faucet and Toilet Parts

You can make a lot of mess if you try to take apart the pipes under the sink and make a mistake. But, in the case of replacing faucet’s cartridge or toilet’s flapper, there’s nothing much you can mess up. Old flappers are a common reason of leaks between the toilet bowl and tank. They are very cheap and you will get instructions when you buy the part.

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Depending on what type of faucet you are using it can be expensive to replace the whole thing. So if you notice a leak and want to fix it yourself, first turn of the valve for that faucet. The most common problem is the rubber in the faucet, and the leaking comes when the rubber is old and used. Removing the base of the faucet and replacing the rubber is an easy job to do.

When Do You Need a Plumber?

Someone who is constantly using a cold shower wouldn’t notice this problem, but when you always have cold water you might have a problem with the water heater. In these situations, you should call a plumber because it can be very dangerous to fix it by yourself, particularly if you have a water heater on gas.

If you notice wet spots in your yard, it is a sign of leakage. When with the wet spots comes unusual smell, it indicated it comes from the sewer line. You should always call a professional in these situations because it may cause damage to your neighbors as well.

For any major case like flooding, calling an emergency plumber is the first thing you should do. You don’t want to make a bigger mess while trying to fix it yourself. It is always better to prevent these problems by checking once or twice a year for damages.

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