Tips to avoid blocked drain through spring maintenance


Spring season is the best time to do the home improvement tasks. The rising temperatures are a signal for all of us to take care of the property and make it ready for the seasonal changes. The maintenance and changes done in the season is referred as spring maintenance.  The maintenance is done quarterly, monthly, or annually. The spring season is chosen as the best time to do the maintenance of the blocked drains. The reason to do this is to have a smooth plumbing system. This has many benefits, as the access to clean water is good for health and hygiene. The proper functioning of the plumbing system adds convenience to modern living. This also saves water efficiency, therefore, has great effect on saving energy.

Why plumbing maintenance is required?

It is essential that you maintain your plumbing system and keep clean water flow. This will help to flush out wastewater. It is a common practice among homeowners that they are not serious about it until there is a serious problem. Ultimately, it results in a huge mess and hefty bills. The plumbing maintenance also helps to save water and conserve electricity bills. The small leaks in the drain cause a huge water loss. The requirements of plumbing maintenance are:

  • The plumbing leak affects both the pipes as well as the water pressure. It also causes damage to your property through blocked drains. The leak that is unable to detect lead to the wood being rot and there might be a growth of mold and corrosion in the pipes. The repair of the long-term damage will be very costly.
  • The pipe might freeze and burst if it deals with a flooded room. The water that is absorbed by the carpets has to be vacuumed out and dried up to prevent mild dew and the accumulation of mold.
  • The ideal way to avoid plumbing problems is to conserve water and keep the energy costs down. This will be a great step for future generations and even if there is a plumbing problem, you can deal with it immediately.

 A checklist to follow:

  • The smart or the programmable thermostat is set in a cooling schedule in order to save money and energy. These thermostats also allow you to change the settings remotely.
  • The air leaks around the home have to be sealed. This will include air ducts, windows, and doors. You can use a weatherproof caulk for small gaps and expandable foam spray for any gaps. You can take the help of a duct sealing company, but you can also seal exposed ductwork.
  • The roof chimney needs special attention because the upcoming storms will definitely create water infiltration problem. You can also conduct a basic inspection by using a pair of binoculars.
  • The gutters, downspouts, and blocked drains need inspection and cleaning at some point of time. It may happen that there are a lot of sediments or debris left in these systems curtailing water flow from the time of winter season.
  • The exterior walls might get damage if you have a wood siding. You have to check for openings, the damaged areas, and the knots. This invites insects like carpenter ants, woodpeckers to make a nest in the burrow.

The foundation of the room requires assessment with the help of a specialist. They have chemicals that will bond the cracks and solve the problem. Hence, some of these important checklists can help you inspect the home improvement elements and to take the action against any fault. Spring is the best time to clean the interiors and the exteriors, so spring maintenance is the best solution to any faults.

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