Tips to Select the Right Kind of Plumbers


Choosing a plumber is a crucial decision for all homeowners that should not be taken lightly. A plumber is usually responsible for repairing the most important components of a home like a water heater, faucet, or toilet. Some of the tips that help in effectively choosing a plumber are-


In some states, a plumber is required officially to have a valid license but some states do not mandate licenses. If the customer is staying in a state that does not require licenses, then the customer can check to see if there is a forum for placing complaints in that state.


A plumber should have the insurance papers. In certain cases, a plumber should be bonded as well. Insurance and bonds will be beneficial in long term both for the consumer and the plumber.

Experience in this field

The consumer should enquire about the expertise that the plumber holds in the market. An excellent plumber should have required experience with a proven record of quality work.


The plumber should have complete knowledge and anticipates every problem seriously to provide an accurate estimate for the problem in hand. The customer should ensure that he/she obtains three estimates and be sure that there is no significant variation in the quotes. If the quote is low, it means that the plumber is trying to use shortcuts to get the job done on time.


Every plumber in the market should guarantee the work they perform, including the spare parts purchased by the plumber. There are many warranties offered that usually cover the plumber’s work for up to a year. If the plumber refuses to offer any kind of guarantee or warranty, then the customer should move on to the next plumber.


An experienced plumber will ensure that he gives references of customers for whom the plumber has worked before. If the plumber is not able to provide any kind of references, then the customer should immediately consider looking at a different plumber. The reference is usually best indicator of the quality of work.

Conduct enough research

It is better to conduct enough research and be patient while shopping for the right plumber or the plumbing company. Google is an amazing source for providing different reviews of different plumbers. Neighbors, family members, and friends should be asked for their opinion before settling on the prospective plumber.

Checking the Local Business Bureau

The local business bureau is an excellent resource for plumber companies and plumber phone number numbers. It ensures that all the phone numbers are readily available when the customer immediately requires a plumber.

Different Types of Plumbers

There are diverse types of plumbers available in the market. These plumbers can be hired based on the type of job in hand. The types of plumbers are-

A commercial plumber can work on the plumbing in hospitals, schools, factories, and offices. These plumbers are usually trained to use big equipments to complete the job efficiently. Sometimes the training and experience gained on the job is not enough for efficiently completing the job in hand.

A residential plumber is usually trained to install and maintain plumbing in houses. He or she is usually well trained to handle plumbing of smaller areas if compared to a commercial plumber. Even though a residential plumber can provide the entire range of plumbing services to a house; he/she might not be able to provide all the services at the same time.

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