Top Advice on Choosing the Perfect Colour Combinations for Your Granite Worktop


Granite is definitely a viable choice when it comes to kitchen worktops. But when you are in the process of choosing your own granite worktop, there’s one singular aspect to which you should pay particular attention: the colour combination. After all, you’d want your granite worktop to sync well with your cabinetry, flooring, and walls, right? Here, then, is some top advice on choosing the perfect colour combinations for your granite worktop.

 The most important colour consideration

The most important colour consideration you should think about when choosing your granite worktop is its combination with your cabinetry. This is because your kitchen cabinets are a very noticeable feature, and you would want their colour to go well with your granite worktop.

Here’s one tip: to select the ideal colour combination, opt for a granite worktop colour which can give a good contrast to the colour of your cabinetry, but with the natural patterns or specks of the granite in a similar hue to the colour of your cabinets. For example, you can opt for granite worktops which are similar in colouring to your cabinets but which have a darker pattern or veining. To give you a better idea: if you have white cabinetry, you can choose a granite worktop in a whitish hue but with a graining or veining of black, brown, or grey.

You can also go in the opposite direction with granite worktops that have a completely different background colour from your cabinets but with veins or patterns of a similar hue to your cabinets. For instance, if you have dark-coloured cabinets (dark brown or black), you can choose a white granite worktop interspersed with veins of brown or grey.

Other pairing considerations

There are other pairing combinations which can give your kitchen a more dramatic yet synchronised look. If you have natural-wood coloured cabinetry, you can pair them with granite worktops in grey, beige, or white. If your cabinetry is of a darker brown colour, you can match them with granite worktops with a greenish tinge or hue. If your kitchen cabinets are of cherry wood or of a cherry wood finish, they can go very well with greenish or whitish granite worktops as well. For those with oak cabinetry, a contrasting granite worktop in coffee brown or tan can also be a brilliant combination.

 Why not opt for two colours?

 There is another trend that is increasingly becoming popular in many kitchens. You can opt to have two granite worktop colours – one colour for the perimetre of the cabinets and another colour for the kitchen island. For example, why not have a darker granite colour for the cabinet perimetres, and a lighter granite colour for the centre of the kitchen? This works very well with large kitchens with lots of space between each segment, as confirmed by granite worktops London specialists from J.R. Stone.


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