Vintage Furniture: Why the World Swoons


It’s no secret that furniture fashion fads have made a comeback in recent years, and they’ve only been flourishing since. Vintage finds are being bought left and right and revitalised for today’s furniture world.

Higher Quality Pieces

In comparison to modern furniture, Tamworth vintage furniture provides a higher quality and standard. Many pieces of vintage furniture have lasted for decades with ease, unlike modern furniture, where companies are looking to take a cheap route and buy cheap products to sell for a high price.

Assembly line furniture is only somewhat recent in furniture history. Many vintage pieces were handcrafted to perfection. Assembly line furniture runs the risk of being lower quality, because the machines have to be able to pick up the pieces quickly and easily. Producing smaller or more lightweight items means a quicker pick and pack for companies. Heavier and higher quality pieces don’t have a chance on the assembly line.

Generally, these pieces have good bones and are great to work with in customisation. Not only will you have a rare piece that isn’t mass-produced, but you can also paint it to match the aesthetic you’re aiming for in your home.

Modern Trends Collide with Old

If you turn on the television, you’ll see dozens of renovation shows that focus around the theme of rustic or French country. Rustic and vintage distressed pieces are growing in popularity, because people admire the history that the piece has seen and the quality of the furniture. Vintage furniture also uses texture on functional and practical pieces to appeal to current fashion trends.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vintage Piece

Looking for gently used items will ensure that the piece was well maintained over time. You won’t have to worry about the piece breaking on you or rotting, but you shouldn’t be scared of a few scratches, either. With the right paint and distressing, you can have a one of a kind vintage piece. Finding good bones means you won’t have to worry about replacing drawer tracks any time soon.

Vintage pieces can be a bit larger than modern furniture bits today, so it’s crucial that you consider the space that the vintage piece will be placed in. Find out the specific measurements of the area you wish to buy furniture for, and have them handy to scale a piece for your home. Not only does this save time, energy and money, but it’ll save a trip home with a large piece and you won’t have to resell it online.

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