Wall Cladding Systems: Appearance and Function in One Installation


Installation of quality cladding delivers two primary benefits. The most obvious is stylistic, as the newest products in this field can enhance your property in a way that other methods cannot. However, there are distinct functional advantages to installing this outstanding material. Versatility is a key factor in choosing cladding for exterior or interior use. Truthfully, you are limited only by your imagination when planning its use.

When this product is installed, a wall will appear to have been constructed of a completely different material than the surfaces around it. This is especially effective as an artistic feature for the outside of buildings, though you’ll also find excellent uses in interior decorating. While cladding is basically a non-structural element, it is usually intended to be a permanent addition that provides additional insulation properties and protection from moisture.

Design Element

As mentioned, the design element is one of the most important factors guiding the use of wall cladding systems. Aluminium is a preferred material for this use because of durability combined with light weight. The material can be fabricated to specific requirements in a range of sizes and an array of attractive colours. Extensive testing has shown these panels to be extremely durable, allowing them to be installed on projects that expose the panels to harsh weather conditions.

You can learn more about this remarkable product by visiting the website of a provider with years of experience. These specialists are available to design, supply, and service aluminium-composite façade systems and other innovative products. They also offer a computer numerical control (CNC) service to complete the project to your specific requirements. Of course, you also have access to all the necessary hardware from the same source.

As mentioned earlier, cladding is often selected specifically for its appearance. With the correct placement and colour, for example, a major change can be made in the look of a structure while at the same time providing additional protection from changing weather and harsh sunlight. Resistance to fading makes this an excellent choice for the surfaces of an existing structure.

Other Products

If you schedule a consultation with a provider of high-quality wall cladding, you also have access to other fine products including prefinished composite doors available in both standard and custom sizes. You will also have the option to select from an array of finishes and colours. As you visit with a representative, be sure to ask about the use of prefinished floating bulkheads that can be both functional and add a unique character to a building interior.

As you browse the range of colours and view the gallery of projects completed for other valued clients, take a few minutes to gather important information on the materials used, the technical data, and the extensive support offered by these professionals.

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