What box sizes are available for moving?


There are advances in the moving industry to accommodate the complicated nature of moving in the 21st century.  Moving in the past, involved plain standard sized boxes that are one size fits all.  They are useful in most cases but really do not serve like the purposeful boxes available on the market today.  You can choose from regular cardboard to being green and renting plastic bins, the options are endless and can get intimidating to shop through on an office supplies catalog.  Finding the right fit for your needs is very important because if you overpack, the boxes fall apart and if you under-pack, the boxes can crush more easily.  Here are the typical choices you’ll find when shopping for moving boxes.

  • Various sized boxes

There are small, medium, large and extra large boxes that can cater to the moving needs you have.  They are 1.5 cubic feet, 3 cubic feet, 4.5 and 6 cubic feet respectively and all boxes have a general rule that they should not be packed with more than 50lbs of items.  Smaller boxes are more compact and is ideally used for heavier items such as books, fragile items, dishes and small appliances.  With a smaller centre of gravity, weight distribution is more even so you can pack more items without the worry of a box that will fall apart.  Medium sizes such as 3 and 4.5 cubic feet boxes are for  kitchenware and clothing.  Children’s toys, office supplies, purses and bathroom accessories can best fit in medium sized boxes, as well as tablecloth, lampshades and medium sized appliances.  Comforters and cushions are recommended to be packed into large sized boxes, as well as oddly shaped furniture that does not fit in the other options.  Please note that bigger boxes does not mean more and heavier items, the design will be better suited for light weight but bigger sized items.

  • Dish packs/boxes

The dish boxes are usually smaller and made with thicker materials and double walled to protect the items within.  It is better to pack with fewer items and more packing materials such as paper, packing peanuts and foams to safeguard against shattering items.

  • Filing boxes

Made with sturdy handles, these filing boxes allow compact paperwork to be transported without the worry of whether the box can handle the weight.

  • Wardrobe boxes

With options for stand-up and lay-down wardrobe boxes, you can be assured that your curtains and jackets will stay wrinkle free during the move.  Stand-up wardrobe boxes have hanger bars that allow you to transfer your clothes and jackets from the closet to box with ease,  Lay-down wardrobe boxes are great for long-distance and international moves.

  • HDTV boxes

Made specifically for your TVs with heavy-duty materials, these boxes come with specific packing materials that you can pack your HDTV in.

  • Fragile Frame/Mirror boxes

Mirror boxes come with the ability to be stacked together for a longer fit.  They are also designed to fit pictures with frames and artwork, securing your fragile items in place during your move.

  • Electronics boxes

Double walled and corrugated, electronics boxes are designed to allow safe storage and shipping for your electronic products.

  • Extra tall boxes

Tall boxes are great for light furniture like lamps and light furnishings.

  • Mattress carton

Mattress cartons come in various sizes, they can accommodate crib mattress all the way to king beds.  They keep your mattress from being ripped during your move as mattresses and boxsprings can potentially get punctured.

Investing in purchasing custom boxes will simplify your move in many ways.  It will allow packing to be done more efficiently because you know which box to dedicate to your items.  Planning can also be done with ease when you can pre-arrange custom boxes to different areas of your move.  So plan ahead, make those orders for the different boxes you need and pack without worries!

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