What Is the Best Advice for Bamboo Flooring Installation


The installation of bamboo flooring will require adherence to particular procedures, due to this material being somewhat different to hardwood and other kinds of plank flooring. Bamboo flooring has certainly been on the increase in its popularity as an earth friendly, durable and aesthetically appeal flooring surface. And even though many of the installation techniques are similar to hardwood flooring, there are some specific points that have to be completed during preparation to assist in reducing any issues with the fitting.

Types of Fitting

When choosing the flooring, take a look at the attachment method which is to be used. In wood flooring, there are two choices known as floating and direct fastening. The floating floor type is secured through the interlocking planks of flooring, which hold the floor in place over a layer of material used to take in and absorb sounds and provide the cushioning. This procedure only works for cross ply or engineered boards, so make sure to leave some room for expansion, and never finish bamboo flooring installation against a fixed object, such as walls. This causes for the floor to buckle when it expands.

Floating floor planks are held to each other using either the interlocking method or with the use of glue. The interlocking floors should not be used in any areas which have moisture, because the moisture will later make the floor boards buckle. The gluing process calls for the application of adhesive being put into the grooves on the boards when they are locked into place. This provides extra additional security for bamboo floors in Perth and expertly assists in keeping the boards in place.

And the Direct Method

The direct fastening technique of bamboo flooring fitting is normally utilised when there is a wood sub flooring. There are two available types of fastening to consider: staples or glue. You should never use standard flooring cleats with bamboo, as over time, they will slowly work loose and start squeaking. Using an adhesive as part of the fitting bamboo flooring is not really a project that should be done by the homeowner. Employing seasoned professionals, is always the best way to go if you wish to use this method.

The sort of adhesive is also of high importance because if the likes of a water based adhesive is used, the floor can bend as the glue gradually dries, which will then permanently damage the flooring. When you are buying your bamboo flooring, measure the whole area that you wish to apply it to, and then get all the flooring at the very same time. Try using one manufacturer, the same grade of hardness, and before installation, allow for the bamboo to sit in the room where you wish to install it for a couple of days, so that it can adjust itself to the humidity in that area.

Very soon that home of yours will be taking on a positive new dimension in aesthetics!

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