What should you do after water damage?


Water presence in a house is an emergency and reason could be any. There are lots of reasons which cause water damage including burst pipes, blocked sewage, leaking washing machine pipe, failure of the water heater or sump pump to a property, residential or commercial. These all are due to a fault in the function of water supply lines or sewage system.

Some other reasons for water damage are natural like flooding, rainstorm, hailstorm or hurricane. Whenever these water emergencies occur, it takes very little time to cause damage to the house in different categories. Standing water or sewage backup creates a mess and gets out of control easily and cause stress and tension for the house owner. 

We need to fix the problem and clean up the mess as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the house. Otherwise, the standing water if not eliminated can produce humidity, bacteria and virus. All this help in the growth of mould, mildew and health issues which may become severe as time passes. It is not possible to repair the water problem on your own. You may clean up, but moisture and infections can start growing mould within the next 48 hours. 

You need a plumber to repair and next call a water cleanup company to extract the water and clean up the damage left behind. But most water damage cleanup companies do both jobs very efficiently. Their licensed plumbers perform the job of repairing and skilled, certified workers clean up and restore the water damage. 

Water cleanup and restoration team do 

Water removal

Remove wet carpets, furniture and floorings

Took out all unsalvageable panelling and wallboards

Dry out the affected area

Sanitize and deodorize 

Dehumidify and fumigate the air

The actual time of cleaning and drying process of your contents and house depends on how much water was present for how much time. The process of water restoration may complete in a day or two but drying takes time.

Water cleanup companies are prepared and skilled in dealing with all types of the water crisis and give you relief from stress. The technicians take care of every problem hence you can do some tasks before their arrival. 

You should shut off the main water supply to minimize the flow of water. Shut off the electricity supply to avoid shocks. Use mops and towels to remove as much water as you can. If possible, use the pump to extract water. 

Remove all moveable things from a wet area to prevent them from more damage and find another place for storage. Do not try to use any electrical appliances like heater, lights or fans for any purpose. Wait for the cleanup service before taking further steps and let them do their work. 

Make a list of whole damage done due to water crisis from property to objects, for the record to apply for insurance coverage. Contact insurance agent to visit the affected area for a survey for later use. The water cleanup and restoration service work with you get more compensation from insurance company to make your damage less painful.

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