What should you look for when buying a Vacuum Cleaner


We all know vacuums are very useful in our house cleaning but finding the best vacuum for cleaning is very difficult while buying a vacuum cleaner, you should consider some criteria or you can just visit bestvacuumcleaners.org however, it is pretty much the same whether you want to suck smooth floors or carpet floors, heavy curtains, or upholstery. Nearly all vacuum cleaners can be adjusted accordingly in the suction capacity and the nozzles are also adjustable.

The offer of a vacuum cleaner with the bag is immensely large and also the price range is enormous. Well-known and less well-known manufacturers are competing for the customer’s favor. Following are some areas in which you should look for when buying a vacuum cleaner.

Suction force or suction power:

For most customers most important is the suction power of the future vacuum cleaner. However, you should not necessarily refer to the performance of the cleaning appliance as this is only indicative of the amount of energy consumed. Thus, devices with an indication of 2,000 watts are true current eaters but only suck with the same force as vacuum cleaners with less wattage.

Technology of the vacuum cleaner

The technology of a vacuum cleaner consists of the filter system, because what makes use of a good suction power when the sucked-in air as a blow-out air hurts the dirt again.

Thus, the good filter system is the icing on the cake in a vacuum cleaner, especially when a family member suffers from animal hair or house dust allergy. Shark Rocket HV 382 is fully loaded with all the features that fulfill all your cleaning requirements.

A good main filter for the coarse dirt and several filters that follow draw a good device. HEPA filters are ideal for allergy sufferers because they leave a clean exhaust air. A filter system with activated carbon also keeps bad odors away, which is particularly important for animal owners and smokers.

Handling and usability

If the vacuum cleaner is well-equipped, the rollers are light-weight, the cable is long enough, can be easily rolled up and the suction power can be adjusted, then this cleaning device should be your choice. The conversion of the floor nozzles should also be easy to operate and a telescopic tube can be adjusted to the user’s body size for the sake of simplicity.

A good, ergonomically shaped grip on the intake manifold, low noise emissions, sufficiently large wheels, so that you do not hang anywhere, the weight and pack size of the vacuum cleaner as well as a carrying handle also feature that make a good sucker.


Since the volume of a vacuum cleaner is felt differently, the stated decibels cannot really say much. For the decibel figure given, an increase of 10 dB can be felt as a doubling of the dBs.

For orientation, however, keep in mind that a lightning strikes e.g. about 130 dB, a hair dryer about 90 dB, a drill about 100 dB and normal vacuum cleaners around the 80 dB noise. It is best to try the vacuum cleaner in the shop.

If you are in search of a perfect vacuum cleaner then we would recommend that all the latest features are available in Shark Rocket HV382.

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