What to Expect When Buying Luxury Bedside Lamps

Bedside lamps are a common feature in most bedrooms. They can be placed on the side tables and are mainly used for providing a dim light in the bedroom at night. Bedside lamps can enhance the ambience of the room. However, bedside lamps aren’t just used for improving the aesthetic appeal of a room; they also offer functional benefits. If you like reading at night, the bedside lamp can provide just the right amount of illumination so that the light doesn’t get in your eyes (that’s what the lampshade is for). For those who sleep with their partners, having a lamp on their side of the bed ensures that their partner’s sleep isn’t disturbed.

Bedside lamps are available in plenty of different colours, shapes, and sizes. They are available in numerous designs, ranging from modern lamps to classic, rustic lanterns. The prices for bedside lamps start from around £30 or so, and can go as high as £800-£1,000. It mainly depends upon the intricacy of the design and the quality of materials used.

It’s important to note that there’s a separate market for those who want to buy luxury bedside lamps. Here’s what you should expect when you go shopping for luxury lamps for the bedroom.


Luxury lamps usually start from around £100, and can rise above the £500 mark. Certain collector items can cost in excess of £1,000 as well. However, spending this much money on a lamp might seem foolish to most people. Granted, the prices of such lamps are comparatively higher, and most people loathe the notion of paying more than £100 for a lamp. However, there’s a reason why these high-end lamps cost so much money.

Quality of Materials

The primary reason as to why these lamps cost so much money is because of the quality of the materials used during the manufacturing process. Most lamps are either made from wood, some form of metal, or even glass. Top-notch materials are used in the construction of luxury bedside lamps to justify their increased price tag.

Intricacy of Design

The standout feature of a luxury lamp is obviously its design. These lamps often feature a highly intricate design that sets them apart from conventional lamps in the market. It might be shaped in the form of antlers, a dancing cow, a rustic paint can, or any number of other designs! The design of these lamps can liven up virtually any bedroom they are kept in.

However, when you browse through different lamp designs, it’s important to choose one that doesn’t contrast with the colour scheme and design of the bedroom. A modern lamp might look completely out of place in a bedroom that has a rustic theme, for example. There are many local shops that sell luxury lamps for different parts of the house, such as for the living room or the bedroom. You can even purchase these lamps online, since many companies have now begun to offer delivery options throughout the UK. Once your order is confirmed, you can facilitate your method of payment online through the website. Upon confirmation, the order will be dispatched through a local courier service.

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