Who would have to pay the plumber – tenant or landlord


Nowadays with so many things on your tenancy agreement as a tenant you ask yourself if you have any rights whatsoever. This is a really important issue as many landlords actually abuse their rights. This thing is really common and I’d like to address it appropriately busting a couple of myths about what tenants have and don’t have to pay for. There are a few services that the tenant obviously would have to pay for when he or she leaves the property for example. In London these services include end of tenancy cleaning before moving out along with a few other things that might require you to pay. As noted though calling a plumber is the thing that we will be talking about in this particular case and here’s what the experts have to say about calling a plumber at the property you’re renting.Tessa Shepherdson says that in her opinion the tenant is the one who will ultimately have to pay for such services. This might not sound like such a good thing to most tenants, but if they don’t have a clause in their contracts saying otherwise it is safe to say that it’s their obligation to do so. This is because the in most cases the rented apartment or house is “treated like own” and is in reality the tenants obligation to keep it in order. In the rare cases where such services have been mentioned in the tenancy agreement it could be otherwise, but in the most cases it’s not.



If the person who’s on a lease doesn’t comply with his agreement and decides that he’s unwilling to pay, most of the times, the plumber’s firm will bill the landlord and he or she will deduct the amount out of the security deposit. This is what our friends at Pimlico Plumbers told us as they have encountered such cases in their long experience as Plumbers. Just like you would pay for a painting company or another company that provides such services if you have damaged the paint on your apartment, you’re going to pay for it right? Well in this line of thinking you will be the one paying for plumbing services as you’re the one who has damaged the pipes in some way, at least that’s how it is looked at by the tenancy law. For many years the London tenant council was against this, but it looks like the people that the landlord community is stronger and outweights the things that tenants have asked for. As a tenant myself I have encountered this many times and I wasn’t really happy about paying for fixing someone else’s property, but oh well, this is life and I’ll be paying for someone else’s house before I can buy a property of my own. End of tenancy cleaning services, painting services, plumbing services and everything else has to be covered by the tenant and that’s how it is in London. If you live in another country it might be different,but that’s how it is in our sweet London.

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