Why More People Are Turning To Wood Heat This Year


Fireplaces have always been the heart of a house. Over centuries inhabitants have been drawn to the undeniable charm of a warming flame to get through cold winter nights. Wood heating is as much a lifestyle choice as it is a heating fuel option and today more and more people decide to rely on firewood to heat up their home as it is a 100% self-contained heat source which still provides reliable heat during any electrical power outing due to flooding and freezing conditions outside.

Using bagged firewood as a heat source is a very eco-friendly decision as fuel such as logs, chips and pellets are widely available through firewood specialists who will provide stacking service at request and source their quality high-grade mix of Iron Bark, Yellow Box, Red Gum and Blood Wood from reputable and certified sustainable suppliers. Thus firewood is the most accessible renewable energy and its use might even reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as the carbon dioxide given off during the burning process is roughly equivalent to the one absorbed by the tree during its growth. Hence using firewood to heat up a home can help towards an environmental goal.

Firewood stands for economical heating, as it is much cheaper than ordinary fossil fuels. With energy prices constantly on the rise, firewood expenses remain relatively stable and make it an inexpensive fuel source compared to oil, gas or electricity. People using firewood have stated they saved up to 50% on energy bills by heating their home with wood. Turning to wood heating by purchasing a new fireplace, insert or a wood stove might, therefore, be an economical investment to cut back on energy bills. Compared to old fireplaces, the new advanced technology makes it even possible that new wood heaters often only need 65% of firewood to create the same amount of heat.

Responsible wood heating starts with a safe installation of an advanced combustion wood stove, fireplace, furnace or boiler. Today a lot of wood heater models do not lack the fuel efficiency of yesterday as they are up to 50% more energy efficient than the old ones. Still, the layout of the home should be considered when deciding on what kind of heater to purchase since the model will depend on how many square meters the new fireplace needs to heat.

 If a big space needs to be heated, getting a fireplace insert might be a good choice because freestanding woodstoves are less good as a primary heating source but will create a cosy atmosphere and great ambience in small rooms. Due to these aspects wood stoves have been observed to enjoy big popularity lately and turned into a must-have rustic centrepiece for modern homes. A dry wood stove can be either placed individually to heat up a single room, or come as a wet stove with a built-in boiler to be connected to the central heating system to warm up the whole house. A free-standing dry wood stove can be placed anywhere in the house, adding character and style to any room or space.

As many people also go back to traditional firewood cooking, some wood stove models even come with a stove top that can be used to cook up endless varieties of meals to warm up the insides even quicker. Using a wood fire for heating and cooking is not only convenient, but the way to honour grandmothers cuisine. By putting together skillet biscuits for breakfast and heart-warming casseroles with sausages and beans you will find that cooking with firewood does not have to end with the last BBQ of summer.

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