3 Signs that Your Chimney Needs to Be Repaired


It can be hard to spot problems with your chimney without going onto the roof, but if you look carefully, you can often spot signs of chimney problems from inside your home. Here are three signs that indicate you should have a professional inspect and repair your home’s chimney.


  1. A Rusty Damper

If you notice the fireplace damper is sticking or isn’t closing all of the way, it could be an indication that it has rusted because too much moisture is getting into the chimney. If there is a leak and the flue tiles get wet, the heat from the fire can cause flue tiles to crack, which can eventually lead to a house fire. If you reach up into the chimney and notice rust on your fingers, Fleet Roofing & Scaffolding Ltd can inspect and repair your chimney while working on your roof.

  1. Damaged Flue Tiles

If the chimney liner is damaged, you may notice thin pieces of tile falling onto the floor of your fireplace. Do not use your fireplace if you notice this problem, as it could potentially cause a house fire. Call a professional to repair or replace the flue tiles with a stainless steel liner, which is much more durable than tiles and usually carries a lifetime warranty.

  1. Cracked Crown

While on the roof making repairs, the roofing company may notice a crack in the chimney crown. This problem should be repaired to prevent moisture from entering the chimney and causing more serious damage. They can repair and weatherproof the crown, as well as the rest of the chimney, to prevent more serious issues later.

If your home’s roof is being repaired, have them inspect the chimney to make sure there is no damage, and it is safe to use when the weather turns cold.

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