4 Reasons why you Need a Swim Spa


There was a time when a hot tub was just that, a large tub filled with hot water, yet we’ve come a long way since those days, and the very latest generation of home spas are so addictive, they should come with a government health warning! Years of research, coupled with the very latest technology has resulted in a multi-purpose unit that looks and feels like it came from the future. If you have yet to experience this unashamed luxury, and would like to know more, here are just a few of the reasons why you need a swim spa in your home.

  1. The Path to Fitness – If you were to invest in a sports trainer swim spa, there are no excuses for not developing that six pack, and with a range of hydro exercises that work all the major muscle groups, you can attain your desired level of fitness at your leisure. There are online companies that have the ideal spa for sale, whatever your taste, and once you have your own private swim spa, you and your family will really benefit in many ways.

  1. The Ultimate Relaxation – With the water at the right temperature and the soothing jets all adjusted, you can relax and unwind from a hard day at the office. Your favourite cocktail and some snacks in close proximity, you can close your eyes while the spa does its work on those tired and aching muscles.

  1. Swimming – Formerly reserved exclusively for the pool, a swim spa is big enough and powerful enough to create a current of water, which you can swim against for as long as you wish. If, for example, you normally swim 20 lengths before breakfast, by the time you arrived at the local pool, you are already behind schedule, yet with your own swim spa, you can complete your swimming distance, take a shower and after a healthy breakfast, you are ready for the challenges of the day. Swimming works all the major muscle groups and is a recommended activity for those of all ages, so the whole family can benefit.


  1. Injury Recovery – Regular spa sessions are known to accelerate the healing process with most injuries, so next time you pull a muscle in your neck, a few sessions in the spa will soon remedy that. A long soak in a modern spa is the ideal treatment for a tired body after a gruelling game, and your grandparents will love their visits, as they can also benefit from the spa. A swim spa is without a doubt the most enjoyable and beneficial home improvement, and while a swim spa isn’t going to be cheap, it will cost much less than a pool, and gives you more benefits.

There are online suppliers with an impressive range of home spas, and with professional installation and regular maintenance, your swim spa will soon become the focal point of the home, and your friends will visit you often.

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