A Brief Guide for Buying Fences


Defining the boundaries of your property is essential if you want to keep out unwanted visitors. If you have a lawn outside your house, proper fencing can help deter animals and other guests. Rather than building a wall around the property, many people prefer fences. They look better and can be aesthetically pleasing. However, you should know that buying fences is not as simple as it looks.

Fences are available in many different shapes and sizes. Some fences are as high as walls, while others are considerably lower. Obviously, the main purpose of smaller-sized fences is to keep out stray animals from your property. After the fence has been installed around the property, you will need to choose a fence gate. If you are would buy fences for your property, here is a guide to simplify the process.


Fences are available in many different materials. The most common types of fences are made from wood, though aluminum fences are also quite popular. Metallic fences provide much greater protection compared to wooden fences. They are also longer-lasting. Aluminum is one of the best metals to use for outdoor environments. It can withstand corrosion with minimal rusting. All you need to do is apply a bit of polish on the fence after a year to make it shine again. Alnex Thailand sells affordable fences in different colors and designs, giving you lots of variety to choose from.

Wooden fences give a more rustic, home-like feeling. They are available in various shades and are also slightly cheaper. Maintaining a wooden fence, however, can be problematic. If the wood chips, it will need to be patched to avoid further damage. Wooden fences will need to be polished at least once every year in order to ensure that they maintain their stylish appearance.


Most houses in affluent cities such as Bangkok generally have fences that are waist-level. These fences are designed to keep out animals and are mostly used in neighborhoods where security is less of a concern. You can install the fences around your property and lounge around in the garden if you wish. Most of the fences also have small spaces in between the panels, allowing you to see through. The style of fence you choose plays an important role in its price. Some fences also have spikes in order to deter unwanted guests.

If you are looking for fences, or ประตูรั้ว as it is commonly known in Thai, you can check them out at Alnex Thailand. This is one of the leading fencing companies in the country, offering a variety of styles and designs at the most affordable prices.

It’s important for you to research and get quotes from different fencing companies before making a decision. You can either buy fences and install them on your own, or hire a professional fencing company for the whole job.

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