Are Roof Coatings Helpful


Needless to say, a roof is one of the most important parts of a house. After all, if the roof springs several leaks, it can lead to some expensive damage and repairs. After all, water that seeps into a roof space can potentially rot roof joists, timbers, and more.

Sealing Your Concrete Roof

So, if you have a concrete roof which displays some broken tiles, you need to makes sure to have them fixed. Also, if the roof could use sealing or a coating, you should make a point to have it done. Using a coating on concrete offers a couple advantages. For one thing, the sealing prevents water from accessing hairline cracks where it can freeze and ultimately crack the roof cement or tile. This can happen because water contracts and expands when it freezes.

Why Coatings Are Applied

In addition, a sealant prevents rainwater from weathering the surface of tiles, thereby extending a roof’s life by several years. As a rule of thumb, a roof coating is designed only for concrete tiles. When a roof is coated, it is usually done to reinvigorate the roof’s appearance after the removal of moss. You can find out more about the steps of the process by contacting roofers in Warwickshire.

Waterproofing and Insulation

However, a roof coating will not prevent the further growth of moss. The fungicidal treatment, which is used to prevent moss growth, only works for a short amount of time. Therefore, the treatment needs to be re-applied. Also, tiles do not become waterproof from a roof coating alone. A tile is already waterproof and will only leak if it is broken. Repairs to the broken tiles then are what will stop a roof from leaking. You also need to install insulation to reduce your heating costs, as coating a roof does not provide this amenity.

If you have a concrete roof that displays moss and looks forlorn, then a roof coating can reinvigorate it. Typically, if your roof has moss on it, pressure washing is used to remove it, or if the moss is excessive, it will be removed manually. A biocide wash, or fungicide, is added to discourage further build-up. Two roof coatings are normally applied.


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