Bring Your Ideas to Life with a Bespoke Timber Orangery


Adding an orangery to your home can bring a feeling of luxury and comfort, making it possible for you and your family to enjoy more fun in the home. These fantastic alternatives to conservatories are the ideal place to sit back and enjoy some relaxation, and they can be utilised as anything from a new kitchen area, to an indoor garden or workplace. In fact, there are many reasons people choose to design and build their own orangery, and these additions to the home are widely considered to be better, and more cost-effective, than a conservatory or extension.

Energy Efficiency and Aesthetics

Orangeries simply look beautiful, and they add a layer of sophistication to any property. By having one custom-built, by the right company, you can ensure your home always looks and feels its best for yourself and your guests. If you regularly entertain dinner guests, or work from home, this is your chance to show off your unparalleled sense of style, and offer guests a bit of luxury during their stay. Timber is a material that is incredibly durable, and it can easily be weatherproofed. This makes it the perfect material for use in timber orangery construction, and it can stand up to the harshest days of winter, as well as the hottest days of summer.New, energy-saving designs by Reddish Joinery ensure you can cut down on energy bills over time, and increase peace-of-mind after installation.

Custom Designs

The right companies will do whatever it takes to ensure you get the orangery of your dreams, including building the orangery you design yourself. If you are worried that your design may not be enough, those same companies will work with you to find a design that suits your needs and helps you get the most out of your new home addition. To further increase their energy efficiency, you may choose to install triple glazed windows, which seal out the hot and cold, while reducing noise pollution.

The Beauty of Timber

Timber is an excellent material due to its ability to be weatherproofed, and easily maintained. Other materials are often less cost-effective, and you cannot rely on them to offer the same level of quality. Timber is strong, durable, and long-lasting, meaning you can enjoy your orangery for years, even decades, before you need to worry about replacing it. In addition, timber can help to keep your home more secure, as it is strong enough to withstand any attempts to break into a home by a would-be burglar. By combining it with triple glazed windows, you double the security of the orangery, and the energy efficient, self-clean sealed roof units, will reduce maintenance and keep your orangery looking beautiful.

All Year Round                                

The right materials and design can ensure you get to enjoy your orangery all year round. This means you can make the most of your added space, without having to worry about the worst days of the summer or winter. In fact, you may find enjoyment in sitting back with a warm cup of tea and watching the snow fall from the comfort of your orangery. Whatever you use the space for, it can only improve your home.

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