Double Glazing Your Windows Before the Onset of Winter


Windows take up a significant area of your home, but the wrong windows can cause your home to lose crucial hot and cool air throughout the year. If you live in the city, noise from outside your home can intrude into the otherwise peaceful atmosphere of your house. Imagine enjoying a warm cup of tea while reading your favourite book. It is not very easy to do so if the sound of pedestrians laughing, cars honking, and birds chirping fills your home at all hours of the day.

Double glazing reduces or eliminates these issues dramatically and there are more benefits associated with it that you may not even know about. It is thus not surprising to learn that millions of homeowners chose to have their windows double glazed last year. The savings you make in regard to energy and the enjoyment you get from staying at home will more than make up for the cost-effective price of this decision.

Thermally Efficient

Double glazing is thermally efficient due to the use of two panes of glass with a layer of air or gas between them. Due to this innovative design, it is exceptionally more difficult for heat or cold to enter or leave your home through the glass. Traditional panels, in conjunction with the garage door and entrance doors, account for up to 70% of a house’s heat and cool air loss throughout the year. By cutting down on this loss dramatically, you reduce the work your HVAC system has to do to keep your home comfortable, lowering your energy bills over time. This will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making your carbon footprint just a bit smaller over time.

Sound Pollution Reduction

One of the biggest benefits of double glazing will always be the reduced energy bill, but one benefit that many homeowners forget to consider is the reduced sound pollution. The sounds of nature and modernity are lovely in the right setting, but they should never invade your home and take away your peace. The design of double glazed windows means that they can reduce outside and inside noise pollution by up to 60%, a dramatic change from traditional windows. If you live in the middle of a busy area, this is your chance to quiet your home and take a breath of relief.Consider glazing Manchester whenever you move into a new home, introduce a child to the world, or simply wish to improve the value of your property.

No More Condensation

During rainy or humid weather, it can be frustrating to see condensation building up on all your windows. This issue occurs when the warm air of your home meets the cool air on the other side of the window, resulting in condensation that can cause a number of problems. Installing double glazed windows reduces or even eliminates the problem of condensation due to the barrier between the outermost pane of glass and the inner pane of glass. In short, the inner pane of glass is never put in contact with the outside air, thus removing the frustration of condensation. The benefits of double glazing only get more exciting from there and the cost-effective price should help you call a professional for help without emptying your wallet.

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