How to Secure a Business Premises


Whether you run a small start-up company or a multi-million dollar enterprise, one thing that all businesses have in common is that they need to ensure their premises is safe and secure. From offices and workshops to warehouses, factories and other buildings, security needs to be a top priority and you can improve your security by contacting a professional locksmith to help you. It is easy to find a reliable and affordable locksmith in your area by searching online and you can use words such as affordable Mandurah locksmith and replace the word “affordable” with “reliable” and the name of the area according to where you are based. It might take some time to conduct research on different locksmiths to find one that suits your needs and you can contact them for more information about what specific services they offer if you can’t see what you need on their website.

Some of the most popular types of services you can take advantage of to better secure your business include:

  • Safe installation
  • Restricted key systems
  • Padlocks
  • Locks for cabinets

You can get something as small as weatherproof padlocks fitted or something as big as an entire restricted key system if you have large premises to secure and what option you choose will partly depend on your budget, partly on the type of business you run and partly on the size.

For example: If you have expensive equipment on-site that needs to be kept secure, you may wish to invest in a restricted key system as well as padlocks but if you run a small business then you might simply want to install a safe in your office.

Fire Safety

You may need to contact a locksmith to help you with the following:

  • Panic bars
  • Fire exit doors
  • Door closers
  • Fire rated commercial hardware

Securing your building is important but ensuring it is safe in the event of a fire is also vital, so you will need to make sure that you employ a company that is able to work to fire regulations and safety standards.

Office Security

If you have an office, there are lots of security measures you will need to put into place that a locksmith can do for you, such as:

  • Installing a safe
  • Supplying heavy duty padlocks
  • Fitting locks for cabinets, desks and display units

A restricted system is important if you have a large premises that needs to be secure and these systems will help you to control who can enter the building. The keys and locks will be of a high standard and many business owners choosing to get a restricted system installed will also opt for a mixture of other security options as well, such as a safe and padlocks.

A locksmith can also be used if you have any problems with your systems or locks and they are on hand to offer advice about how you can improve your locks on your business premises if you are unsure.

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