How To Unclog Drains By Detecting Tree Roots In Sewer Pipes?


It is rather common to experience tree roots in sewer pipes. Sometimes, you may not really have to worry about the damage. Tree roots generally do not grow in one direction, but they tend to spread out in many directions, creating the drain pipes to burst out during the winter, or they simply clog the drain and prevent the water flow. These pipes carry water along with oxygen and nutrients too, and this is what attracts the tree roots to the same. So even if you had planted trees away from them thinking they would not really grow that long, the smell and these nutrient properties stimulates their growth.

Expensive treatment is required: Getting rid of the hard roots

Along with the sewer blockages, it is also vital to remember that this kind of sewer maintenance is rather expensive. Ideally, what happens here is that you can try to keep a safe distance from the same and plant tree accordingly to prevent tree roots in sewer pipes. Also, you can ask your neighbors or others for ensuring similar procedures to prevent damage to the common pipes.

You must be a responsible home owner

It is the responsibility of different home owners to ensure that the sewer pipes are maintained the right way and the problem of tree roots going there can be prevented. However, here one problem is that you really don’t know the exact location of each pipe and thus may un-knowingly plant a tree over the same. So often, the problem s only visible much later or when it is too late and there is already tree roots in sewer pipes.

How does it happen?

Ideally the flow of warm water inside all of these sewer pipes tends to get to cooler soils around the area. Here the roots of these trees start growing or pointing towards the source of the same.

  • As the roots start moving towards these pipes, smaller cracks start developing here. As this smell attracts the roots furthermore, they tend to develop more cracks in the pipe.
  • Eventually the root masses take over the pipe like hair roots in the scalp. Hence, sometimes this tree roots in sewer pipes is a problem that really cannot be avoided.
  • Another issue here is that these roots also tends to attract a lot of dirt, grease, oils, etc. along with other wastes, this may lead to the clogging of the pipes too. As the tree roots grow faster, they tend to embrace the entire drain, along with creating a fortification around the drain spout.

How do the roots slow down the condition of the pipes?

The tree roots in sewer pipes also slow down the overall functioning and system of the pipes.

  • For instance, this entire blockage leads to lesser passing of sewage, leads to gurgling noises and at times it also causes the drains to overflow because of lack of space.
  • With the growth of these roots inside the pipe, there is always a chance that the pressure on the same keeps growing. So though you may have noticed the problem initially, you could have ignored it thinking that there is no risk of damage.
  • But as the roots continue to grow, they will eventually cause cracks in the pipe along with other long-term damage.

So make it a rule to ask experts on tree roots in sewer pipes to come and tackle the task for you. Doing so will prevent such instances from happening in the future. It is a rather complicated process but is viable using the right modes and without really cutting down a tree, which is as per environmental norms.

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