Living the Modular Life in Western Australia


Today pre-fabricated (pre-fab) modular homes make it simple for Australians to enjoy a contemporary and affordable home, or provide a granny flat for a relative. The housing is also used to generate extra income. The sustainable designs are displayed as studios, granny flats, compact houses, and bespoke housing.

When you work with a pre-fab company, you can realise your dream for housing, whether it means including extra space for your family or an elderly parent. The buildings can also be used as home offices. By working with a pre-fab specialist, you can obtain total full-service assistance, from council planning to the final construction.

Compact Houses

You will find that these sea container homes in Perth will suit your lifestyle and budget. Plus, the standard features for the compact models are as functional as they are aesthetic. For example, the bench tops in the kitchens are made of reconstituted quartz, whilst the bathroom features porcelain tiles. Compact styles also feature high ceilings and double-glazed windows. Not only do you enjoy an open space, such glazing offers extra energy savings as well.

Customised Homes

If you are upmarket buyer, you will like to work with a pre-fab builder in designing your custom home. Builders often ask buyers to design a home that works with their current lifestyle whilst looking towards the future. Custom modular homes feature open floor plans as well as luxury amenities, such as lap pools and bi-fold doors. Most of the designs incorporate a large amount of windows, which makes it easy to view the pool area or yard from a variety of advantage points.

Modular Studios

If you are seeking a premium studio that you can use as a retreat or office, you can find a number of models that are affordable as well as attractive. For example, you can opt for one bedroom and one bath modular studios that run from around $30,000 to $55,000 plus the cost of installations.

Granny Flats

The granny flats that are featured showcase one bedroom and one bath as well as a kitchen, dining room, and living space. Larger homes come with two bedrooms and two bathrooms or three bedrooms and one bathroom. Laundry rooms are featured in the 3-bedroom styles.

Make the Most of an Open Floor Plan

You just need to look at the various models featured by the builder. Granny flats are normally priced from $70,000 to about $135,000 with the installations added on top of the offered price. Therefore, if you want to make the most of an open living space, you should take a look at the pre-fab modular homes that are available. This preferred residence is quick to build and install and offers both comfort and convenience for economy-minded consumers.

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