Roller-Shuttered Enclosures Protect Equipment and Machinery


One of the best ways to keep heavy equipment or expensive machinery protected is by using a major steel enclosure. This type of unit protects equipment or machines that are placed in public or in vulnerable areas where theft, vandalism, or attack are a probability.

Types of Equipment That Can be Protected and Secured

You can choose from a variety of roller-shuttered enclosures with specifications and styles to suit a number of applications or security needs. Some of the equipment that can be protected by the secured unit include the following:

  • Car park pay machines
  • Country park equipment
  • Highways Department equipment
  • Camping and caravan site equipment
  • External gaming machines

With numerous finish options available, including powder-coated and plastisol coatings, a security roller shutter unit can be unlocked during daytime hours when a machine is operated, then locked down at night to provide security.

A Fire-resistant Design

When it comes to roller shutters – sales, installation and repairs in Stoke-on-Trent include models that offer functional options with manual, push-up, or electric operational designs. The security enclosure can also be connected to an intruder or surveillance alarm system. If the enclosures are used for fire equipment storage, the door on the enclosure can be programmed so it opens automatically if a fire alarm sounds.

Industrial Door Systems

You can also opt for a roller shutter door system for an industrial facility. Doors are available that push up, operate electrically, or use a chain. The selection is only limited by your specific needs. Finishes are available in powder-coated, wood-grain, or galvanised styles. Colour options include standard hues as well as an RAL colour of your choosing. Also, curtains can be made in a single-skin steel or perforated design. The perforation allows you to fasten a facility whilst still retaining security.

Electrically-operated roller shutter doors can be made to order for three-phase applications, or a single phase upgrade, which is normally used for domestic garages or retail premises. You have many choices in roller-shuttered enclosures and roller shutter doors to choose from today. Go online to review all the selections and features now.

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