Scaffolding Solutions that Every Builder Needs


Construction projects, whether big or small, require safe scaffolding erected according to strict timelines, and any delay in the scaffolding erection process could be extremely costly for the builder. Such is the importance of sourcing a reliable scaffold hire company that many builders will pay over the odds to ensure the structure is ready on time, yet by sourcing the right hire company, you can have reliable service at affordable prices.

Established Provider

This is not the kind of thing to trust to a newcomer, and with the considerable resources of an established company, you can be sure they can handle any situation. With many contracts on the go, the scaffold provider would need a huge inventory of towers and platforms, along with a suitable fleet of vehicles to transport the equipment, and with specialist teams of installers, every job would be ready on the agreed date and time. If, for example, a builder wanted quick scaffold hire in Barnet, there are local companies who can provide an instant quote, and with very competitive prices, you can soon forget your scaffolding issues.

Modern Towers and Platforms

The latest generation of aluminium scaffold towers are easy to erect, and with lockable wheels, the units can easily be moved, saving valuable time. This type of scaffolding is much preferred over the traditional steel poles and couplings, as it can be erected in half the time, which keeps prices down to a minimum. Once the hire company sends an expert to view the site, they will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure a safe and secure working platform is in place when required, and what’s more, they can do this at only 7 days’ notice.

Easy Quote and Ordering

If the company has a website, it should be very easy to navigate, and with a 24-hour telephone number, you can make an enquiry at any time. This type of business relies heavily on rapid response, and the organisation should be set up to facilitate this.

Safety First

The scaffolding equipment would be regularly inspected, looking for any signs of wear and tear, and with all government guidelines followed, the equipment is always ready for use. When a scaffolding contract has been completed, the entire system would be overhauled in the main depot, before being released for re-hire.

Range of Services

A company that has sufficient resources to provide an efficient scaffolding service would also offer a range of other essential services to the construction industry. These would typically include the following:

  • Portable Toilet Hire
  • Portable Office Hire
  • Plant Hire
  • Building Materials

This really helps the small builder, who would normally require all or most of the above services with any project, and by dealing with a single company, the project manager no longer has the worry of arranging the essential services.

With a dependable scaffolding provider who also has other services, the small builder can focus on other, more important aspects of the project, and hopefully the contract will be successfully completed to schedule.

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