Tips to Choose the Bedframe for a Couple


 A queen-size bed is a perfect choice for your guest room, kid’s room, or even the master bedroom. When you are buying the bed, the bed frame is most important, and while purchasing it, you need to consider the bed dimensions and mattress size. The bed frames give excellent support to hold your mattress. 

While buying the bed frames, you need to consider the below points. 

  • Mattress foundation for the spring box to support your bed well. Select the box-spring which evades touching the floor.
  • Adjustable base to fit your split mattress, and it aids in providing the comfort of sleep without disturbing others.
  • Height is the most important criteria to consider as it normally ranges from 8 to 18 inches.
  • The bed frame size should be like the mattress size, as the enormous size may cause sliding.
  • Bed type, frame materials, and storage options need to take care of.
  • Check for the thickness of the side rails, footboard, and headboard.
  • Color of your wall, and rest of the furniture, and your bedroom theme.
  • Environmental impact of the bed frame material. 
  • Methods of cleaning and how convenient it is.

You can visit the website to buy the bed frames for your queen-sized mattress. Cost and weight are the most important criteria you need to consider while buying. They craft the bed frame excellently to suit your bedroom and all their products come with an elegant finish and the finest quality materials. They are selling the bedding essentials at an affordable price and suits every customer’s budget, and it reduces overheads. They add the product to the shopping list after checking all the quality controls strictly.

The major benefits of buying the bed frames from B2C Furniture are:

  • These bed frames come with drawers for storing all your bedsheets, towels, baby toys, and pillows. Basically, it will have four drawers, and depending on the customer’s choice, they can add even more and customize it as per their taste. 
  • They made all their products of wood, and they will have footboard or headboard attachments.
  • It gives extra space for single sleepers and couples, and they feel more luxurious.
  • These bed frames are available as panels to support the bed with the mattress foundation and increase breathability. And the Platform frames are more flexible and best suitable for your kid’s room. The traditional one is the four-poster bed frame, which comes with posters on all four corners.
  • They are much more durable and give stable support and are of recycled wood, and it looks too natural and warm. You can polish and decorate to enrich its beauty.
  • The B2C products are water-proof materials and sustainable under any weather.
  • The bed frames are light-weight and it highly to prevents damages from the insects and molds.
  • It is not much complicated to assemble and you can do it by yourself, and they rounded each corner to protect people from hurting in toes.
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