Updating a Modern Room


When updating your bedroom there are two fundamental principles you want your room to adhere too. The first is that it needs to be functional and the second is that it needs to look good too. In some cases this can lead to a conflict of interests, because pretty rooms are not always the most functional, however it is possible to redesign your room so it not only looks great but works really well too, we’ve put together some tips we’ve compiled from the some of our favourite lifestyle blogs.


Think Minimal

The major trend in all modern home is minimal. In modern room redesigns less is always more. Try not to overcomplicate your space, and let your furniture balance the room out,. Go for neutral decor, keep walls clear except for the odd mirror or wall painting and think carefully about the furniture you choose as this makes a big difference on the type of room you’re creating.

Proud Prints

When decorating and designing a modern room printed fabrics seem to be en vogue in this moment in time. If you want to continue with this trend then opt for bold florals as these complement a modern room really well and these are also great options for bedroom linen too. Mixing print with solids creates a wonderful contrast with the fabrics but also balances out a room at the same time.


Don’t be afraid to embrace colour in your bedroom or living room when going through a redesign. Bold colours especially can create striking rooms but you’ll need to be careful so it’s important to use a colour wheel or chart to make sure you don’t create a room that has too much going on. Neutral colours are common and very popular in contemporary homes and these are always a good place to start.

Small things like opting for straight edge furniture over rounded corners or pairing your table lamps will ensure your room appears modern and contemporary.

Creating a relaxing modern home is simple enough and hopefully the tips above will inspire your next makeover project.

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