Why Hire a Private Environmental and Remediation Service Company?


Environmental remediation companies offer a wide range of services to their customers. Whether you are running your own business and wish to move to a new building or are interested in making a real estate investment, you might have to consult with a private-site environmental and remediation service company. Here are just some of the many different services that these companies offer:

Asbestos Monitoring

Asbestos became a popular building material during the early 1900s. It was cheap, easily available and was also quite sturdy. It met all of the building regulations, and it didn’t take long for construction companies to make it the primary building material in large buildings. However, during the latter years of the twentieth century, a number of studies revealed that asbestos was extremely harmful to the human body. Inhalation of the fine asbestos particles could lead to a significant risk of cancer and other fatal diseases, such as respiratory issues.

If you are buying a building that was constructed sometime during the past century, it is likely that a lot of asbestos was used. Before you take possession and finalise the documentation, you should hire a remediation company to monitor the levels of asbestos in the building. If the levels are higher, you should consider tearing down parts of the building and renovating. This will obviously cost more money, so you might have to renegotiate the price of the deal.


Environmental Impact

If you are about to start construction on a large complex, you might need to understand the environmental impacts of the development. There are strict regulations in place in Australia that prevent companies and real estate developers from harming the environment during construction. Whether your company is about to start construction on a new plant or wishes to start development on an urban project, you might have to hire a company such as Sers in order to determine the environmental impact of the new installation. You might even need an approval report from the company before construction can begin in earnest. If not, the government might levy a fine on your property.


Are you about to buy a new house or a new property? Due diligence is necessary before you invest so much of your money in a new piece of land and finalise the deal. You need to know about the neighbourhood, the quality of construction as well as other factors. Due diligence surveys will help you protect your investment and prevent you from making any bad deals.

Contaminated Land Assessment

If the soil has been contaminated, it might not be fit for plantation. Soil testing services are also offered by environmental companies. The company will visit your property with advanced equipment and take samples of the soil before testing it in a lab to determine the quality of the soil. A detailed report will be given to you after the completion of the test. These are just some of the services that these companies offer.

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