10 Home Improvement Tips for Inside and Outside Your Home


Not many homeowners move into the house of their dreams. For most of us, getting the right look and feel requires at least a little work – and sometimes, it’s more than purely cosmetic.

The to-do list can seem long and overwhelming, but don’t throw in your toolbelt yet. Here are 10 simple home improvements for your home’s interior and exterior that will boost its value and livability.

1) Add a Deck

This is an easy way to increase your home’s value. The addition of a deck means the addition of an outdoor living space, and if you’ve stepped foot into a home reno store in the last couple of years, you’ll know outdoor living is a big thing. In fact, this seemingly small addition is a serious money maker, with homeowners getting back up to 90% of their deck investment.

2) Add a Loo

If you want to recoup around half of your investment and enhance your quality of living, then add another bathroom – especially if you only have one. It isn’t hard to find space. Look to closets, under the stairs, rooms that have space to spare. You’ll find a way.

3) Add/Upgrade Storage Areas

Whether it be in the kitchen, bedrooms or basement, everyone wants ample space to store their stuff. You don’t necessarily need to tack on an addition for this. Simply be more creative about your storage solutions.

4) Update Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can become outdated, just like any other piece of home decor. Make sure to upgrade them regularly, and with energy efficient solutions if you’re looking to save some cash on the electric bill, and/or make it more appealing to potential buyers.

5) Amp Up Your Entrance

Making your front door look more inviting and appealing is an easy – and cheap – way to improve the look of your home. It’s as simple as adding some new lighting, upgrading your house number, adding a bench, chair or bistro set as well as a little greenery to add life to the space.

6) Clean or Replace Flooring

If you haven’t cleaned your carpets since you moved in, then chances are, they’re due for a good once-over. You can have this professionally done, or rent a carpet cleaner and do it yourself. Alternatively, if the carpet style or colour is outdated – or isn’t your thing – then change it up entirely. If you have hardwood, clean and polish it regularly to prolong its life.

7) Kitchen Renos

The idea of a full-on kitchen reno strikes fear into the hearts of many homeowners, but rest assured: it doesn’t have to be an intense experience. You can improve the look of your kitchen by simply updating the back-splash, countertops, cupboards or an appliance. There’s no need to gut the whole area unless you want to, and can afford it.

8) Update the Window Treatment

We’re not just talking about changing up your curtains or blinds, but replacing entire windows with energy efficient options, which will not only save you money in heating and cooling, but will make your place more appealing to buyers if you wish to sell.

9) Add an Alternate Dwelling

While definitely a time and money consuming project, an alternate dwelling is great if you frequently entertain guests, have an older relative living with you or an older child. These secondary buildings are not only handy, keeping you and the people you care about close, but they can also add tremendous resale value to your property.

10) Roof It

It may be time to give your roof a little TLC. A leaky or damaged roof can lead to heat or cooling issues, mould, and ultimately, it can also compromise the structural integrity of your whole home. Front the cash and get it taken care of. It will save you time and worry down the road.

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