4 Situations When You Might Require an Emergency Plumber


You can schedule an appointment to see your dentist, house cleaner or appliance repairer but you cannot schedule an appointment when one of your toilet pipes starts leaking. Plumbing services are always needed in houses and commercial buildings because several systems need to be well functioning for people to live comfortably. With sites like TrustATrader, finding one is easier than ever. If you don’t know the scope of work for professional plumber, below are some of the emergencies that should make you calling a nearby plumber to come and fix your problem.

A Burst Pipe

Water pipes tend to be susceptible to ice during the cold seasons when the weather is very cold. Ice that attaches to the pipe tends to harden thereby abiding to the pipe strongly. When those pipes are exposed to warmth, the ice starts expanding thereby making the pipe to burst. Leaking water is normally unsafe especially when the leaking occurs around areas where there are non-insulated electric wires or lines. When the pipe bursts outside normal business hours, you will be forced to call an emergency plumber so that your pipe gets repaired or replaced.

A Backed-Up Sewer

When your sewer line clogs and your toilet starts to bring back the dirtiness to your house, your house is not going to be inhabitable due to the bad smell. Sewer line blockage can occur due to floods from heavy rains and intrusion of sewer lines by tree roots. Whichever the cause, the blockage of your sewer is an enough reason for you to call a plumber. This is not only a plumbing emergency but also a health concern that should be mitigated quickly.

Breakage of the Main Water Piper

The pipe that connects your house’s water system to the local water station can burst anytime due to increased water pressure or pipe weakness. When this happens, no water is going to be supplied to your home. No one can do without water even for several hours; it is normally a huge inconvenience. This is why bursting of the main water pipe is an enough reason for you to call an emergency plumber.

Compromised Gas Pipes

Gas is highly flammable, and this means when it starts leaking, it can cause a fire outbreak that might end up consuming everything. To ensure that does not happen, any gas pipe that seems to be compromised in any way should be repaired or replaced. Call a plumber any time and ensure that the altered part of the gas system is fixed appropriately.

The bottom line is that plumbing is essential in every building. It needs to be done by qualified professionals who are licensed and insured to carry out their duties. You must make sure that the plumber you are hiring is well educated and experienced so that you don’t get unsatisfying services. Plumbing needs to be done creatively using the appropriate tools to ensure that no emergencies occur. For perfect plumbing work to be done, prior planning should first be made.

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