Essential Things To Know About Lawn Aeration


If you are really very much concerned about the consistent maintenance of your lawn’s health then you got to aerate lawn regularly. Lawn-aeration not only increases the life-length of your lawn but your lawn will also stay healthy with this activity. In this case, holes are being punched within lawn-surfaces for improving the soil-profile.

Specific machines called lawn-aerators are being used in order to aerate lawn smoothly and efficiently. At times, these machines are also termed as turf-aerators. Since lawn-aeration is a hectic task therefore you are recommended hiring any efficient landscaper for doing the same. Regular-day aeration can increase both soil quality and fertility.

Great-looking and healthy lawns can be now managed with ease by lawn-aeration. Airspace can be increased and deep-rooting can be encouraged. On the other hand, both micro-organisms and drainage can be increased which perfectly make addition to soil-vigour and strength. Plant-growth can be now easily and healthily promoted with aeration.

Diseases, pest and turf issues can be easily resolved with lawn-aeration. If you aerate lawn then you can definitely save expenses on pesticides, herbicides, moss killers, fertilizers and other lawn essentials. Lawns can be now aerated with three different tines and you should know them in order to choose the right one in accordance of purposes and benefits.

Varieties of lawn-tines for aeration:

If you want to aerate lawn perfectly and smoothly then lawn-tines need to be decided first. Some of the most popular lawn-tines have been discussed below.

  • Solid tines: They are pencil-tines and sometimes they are termed as spikes. Turfs can be smoothly aerated with these commonest tines. These tines are nothing but garden-forks. You can use them at any time as no specific timing needs to be maintained. Excellent lawn conditions can be now maintained with the use of these useful tines. Irrigation water and rain-water can get easily absorbed within the deepest soil-layers as a result of which soil remains completely hydrated even during dry-seasons. Uppermost soil-profiles can be thoroughly aerated only by means of these sharp and improved tines.
  • Slit tines: They are highly beneficial during autumn and strong-roots are being encouraged by the same. During summers, this activity needs to be limited for maintaining soil health at the end of the day. Tine-holes created from this aeration might lead to cracking especially during excessively dry-weathers. These flat-tines are just like knife-like edges.
  • Hollow tines: Both Autumn and spring are highly suitable for this kind of lawn-tines. In this case, hollow-tubes are punched or pushed within soil-profiles for removing small-plugs from your lawn. Thatch-layer can be removed easily and on the other hand top-dressing and overseeding can be efficiently controlled. Larger-holes are being created for maintaining a perfect soil-profile.

The specialists are the best persons to decide which type of lawn-tine is suitable for your lawn. This is the reason most people rely on them especially in terms of lawn-aeration. They are proficient in using latest techniques and advanced aerators in order to complete the task absolutely on time.

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