Exterior Front Doors – Composite or Timber


It is only in the past 3 decades that we have had a choice at all, as prior to that time, all exterior doors were either made of wood or metal. While there is an element of natural beauty to a wooden door, the maintenance needed is a high price to pay, and for this reason many homeowners look to composite materials when buying a front or back door. If you are unsure of which is best, here are some points to bear in mind.

  • Timber is Expensive – If you wanted a quality front door made from hardwood or European oak, this would be quite a costly investment, and while there are quality joiners who will handcraft the door and frame, it will cost a lot more than an aluminium or UPVC made to measure unit.
  • Aluminium Ticks All the Boxes – If you are looking for a material that won’t fade, crack, or peel, and will retain its smooth, clean appearance whatever the weather, anodised aluminium is the ideal choice. Coupled with double glazed units, the door can be of your design, with either full or half glass with a tasteful panel for the lower section. There is a range of colours that include a realistic wood-grain finish that allows the door to blend within a timber setting.
  • Blending with the Property – Whatever you choose, it should blend well with what you already have, and an older property with character might well be better with a timber door, as anything else would look out of place. If you have a modern home, then the windows are probably already either aluminium or UPVC, and you should create something similar. There are door specialists in Harrow, for example, who can create something ideal for any setting, and with reasonable prices, it won’t break the bank.
  • High Maintenance – Whatever else, wooden doors do require adequate protection, which involves sanding and varnishing on a yearly basis, and unless your home demands timber, you ought to consider a composite, as there is no need to treat the material and it will retain its look for many years.
  • Greater Security –A composite front door would give you a greater level of security, especially with double glazed units, and the special multi-point locking system stops a burglar in his tracks. Double locks are fitted as standard, and both UPVC and aluminium are more than a match for any would be thief.
  • Value for Money – If we look at everything, then composite materials are better value for money, and with different colours and finishes, it is usually possible to blend the new unit with its surroundings. With no maintenance and a long warranty, the composite front door is empowered to withstand the temperamental UK climate, and the high price of quality timber is another reason to think about aluminium as a replacement.

Modern bespoke designs allow the homeowner to be very creative, and by consulting an expert company, you might be surprised at just how varied your choices are. Aluminium doors offer everything for the British homeowner, and with double glazing, you experience better insulation.

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