Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Care


Trees give oxygen, store carbon and stabilise the soil. Trees also supplement the wildlife. These are the reasons why they are vital in the environment. Thankfully, there are people who focus on tree care. Are you aware that there is such a thing as tree surgeons? Tree surgeons are horticultural engineers who are responsible for the repair and maintenance of trees.

It will be to your benefit to know the aspects of tree care. The aspects include:

What is tree felling?
Tree felling is one aspect of tree care that tackles removal. There are circumstances (like if the tree is in a restricted area or if it is too large) that require tree surgeons to remove the tree. To remove the tree, the tree surgeon must climb to dismantle the sections. This is to make sure that tree felling is safe, calculated and controlled.

How about crown reduction?

Crown reduction is the process of reducing the size of the tree’s overall canopy. The tree surgeons will decide to prune the branches equally throughout the entire crown. If there are broken deadwood, it will be removed as well. The act of reducing the crown will minimise the chance of spreading infections within the tree.

Is crown lifting necessary?
Crown lifting is the process of removing the lower branches of the tree crown. This is done to allow more light to enter through the branches.

What is tree pollarding?
Tree pollarding is a practice that tackles the removal of all limbs and branches of a tree. When this is complete, the tree is left with its major limb and trunk. The goal is to allow the tree to grow back.

How is tree stump and root removal done?
The complete removal of the tree includes the dismantling of the stump and roots separately. If this is the case, there is a need to consider stump-grinding machine. This machine will destroy the parts left. There are some cases when stump and root removal is not needed. When this happens, the tree will be treated to ensure that regrow does not happen.

Is deadwooding needed?
You have to know that as the tree ages, some branches die naturally. For this reason, the tree should be regularly maintained especially if it is in public areas. Deadwooding is crucial to ensure safety in public areas.

What is hedge trimming and reduction?
For areas with high upkeep standards, they consider professional hedge trimming and reduction services. If the tree is neglected, it will lead to plain and unappealing hedge line. Trees will take time to fully recover without proper care and attention.

When is tree branch and limb removal required?
The tree branch and limb removal are important aspects of tree care. If the trees have extended over the boundaries, tree branch and limb removal should be considered. This process is crucial to remove large parts of the trees. The tree surgeons will ensure healthy stability for the tree despite the tree branch and limb removal.

For any tree concern, it is prudent to leave it to the experts. This is for your safety and to ensure that the trees are not harmed unnecessarily.

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