Getting an Estimate for a Home Moving Company


In order to ensure that all the valuables and belongings reach the new destination safely, it is very important to ensure that the choice of the professional home moving company is done properly. While it is important to put the reputation of the company over the cost of transportation, it is equally important to ensure that the money invested gives the best possible returns.

It is a fact that the whole process of moving from one home to another is, by itself, an expensive one since there are numerous hidden costs involved. Hence it becomes almost mandatory to ensure that the estimates taken are as comprehensive as possible. Thus all things irrespective of whether they are in the attic, basement, garage, backyard, crawl space, shed, basement, below or behind the furniture, inside all closets present, all pieces of furniture that are in storage etc. need to be pointed out for getting an estimate. This is because things which people think will be gone before the actual transportation takes place, actually do not get disposed as thought, they tend to add to the estimate given thereby making the transportation cost to go up by a huge margin.

Along with the written estimate, the carrier should additionally include the following things:

This includes a receipt for all belongings collected by the transporter for moving to a new house as well as the contract that a customer signs with a professional carrier. Caution should be exercised before signing the document and care must be taken to ensure that the customer goes through, understand and agrees to all the clauses stated.

  • Order for service 

This piece of paper authorises the professional transportation company hired to transport the customer’s goods from one place to another.

  • Inventory list

This consists of individual receipts for each and every belonging that the carrier company collects from the customer with the condition of the belonging stated in details.

It is also very important to get a written estimate so that it becomes binding and legal. Verbal estimates always tend to give rise to confusion and are best avoided at all costs.

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