Security Fly-Screen Doors Protect Your Home and Commercial Place


It is not uncommon for people to get some cross ventilation going in their homes when it is hot and humid outside. People want to open their front door and let in some fresh air in and relieve themselves from oppressive weather. The downside is that open door is an open invitation for unsavory elements of society to sneak in and jeopardize your material and personal well-being.

Often, the first line of defense is to secure the entrance by complementing the front door with an auxiliary door that allows the air pass through freely while checks the entry of harmful elements into the house. The security fly screen doors are often installed in such cases and they offer good amount of protection to the residents of the house. Although, the level of protection and security provided by such doors depends upon the make and strength of these doors, but indubitably their installation is a great way to discourage anyone breaking into the house. These doors not only help keep thieves and robbers at bay, but also keep stray animals out of the house and also prevent house pets from sneaking out of the house.

Security Fly-Screen Door

Level of Security

The level of protection that security screen doors provide depends upon how much security one wants and how much one is willing to pay for it. The security screen doors come in both aluminium and steel frames. Steel frames are supposedly more secure than the aluminium ones. But steel frames are prone to corrosion whereas aluminium frames resistant to it. Irrespective of what kind of frame you may want to use, make sure that the corners of the frames are properly reinforced since corners are the weak points of the frames. The corners of the frames can be welded together to provide extra strength and increase the security level of the doors.

Infill or Security Mesh

  • The security mesh, also called the infill can also be made either from steel or aluminium. Aluminium meshes or grilles are reinforced flyscreens and are relatively secure. Stainless steel fly-screen doors have woven steel meshes, which are more secure than the aluminium ones.
  • Then there are structural grade aluminium perforated sheets which have recently come out in the market. In its structure they have the look and feel of the steel mesh but are not as expensive. These meshes provide the same level of security as the steel ones.
  • In most of the doors the grille is riveted to the frame. To ensure security, make certain that the rivets are not in the visible or accessible points. The rivets should be placed at the back of the frame and not too far from each other.
  • There are doors which use screw clamps to hold the grille together, and are supposedly stronger than their plastic counter parts used for the same purpose. However, the plastic clamps are more resistant to corrosion which can happen in the case of metal screws. Mesh can be welded to the main frame; these grilles are quite strong and offer greater protection against forced intrusion.

Specialized Locks on Security Fly-screen Doors

The purpose of security fly-screen doors is to provide added security. This security is further enhanced by using five pin cylinder lock or something equivalent. There are wafer locks as well but are not as secure. The three point locks on the security fly-screen doors help spread the force evenly on the door frame during a forced entry or an attack and also prevent the door frame from buckling in at top and the bottom.

While you buy security fly screen doors, it is recommended that all security fly-screen doors and key locks should be custom made, as different people may have different requirements. Visit this link for more information about security fly-screen doors

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