The Comprehensive Solution to Bathroom Renovation


Having your bathroom renovated is hardly a minor project, and it will typically involve at least 4 different trades, all of whom have to work in unison. When searching for a suitable bathroom renovation company, focus on one that handles every aspect of the project, as this will make things that much easier.

It is All in the Design

A new bathroom doesn’t have to be along the same lines as your existing layout, as bathroom renovations can include moving sinks and bathtubs, should you desire. With a good plumber, major features can be relocated without too much building work. Find a company that uses 3D computer technology to build a mock-up of the new layout, which will ensure that you can picture the finished job.

Project Manager

If the bathroom renovation company assigns a project manager, things will be so much smoother, and rather than having to talk to several people, you have one person to communicate your needs to. The project manager co-ordinates the various tradesmen and makes sure that materials arrive on time, while also checking the progress, looking for anything substandard.

Quality Materials

If there’s one room where you cannot skimp on quality, it is surely the bathroom, so opt for best brand appliances and top-quality tiles. It might make a dent in your savings by choosing the very best, but in the long-term, you will not regret the decision, and this is something the renovation company would recommend.

Supervised from Start to Finish

The ideal bathroom renovation company would oversee everything from the initial quoting to the after inspection, plus the company would likely send someone to check that all is well within a week or so of completion. It is this kind of service that sets some companies apart from others, and by dealing with the right renovation company that is fully customer focused, you are certain to be over the moon with the outcome.

Energy Saving

Renovating your bathroom is a great opportunity to save energy, and if you have a bath tub, why not replace it with a digital shower, which uses much less water, and with instant hot water on demand, you no longer need to heat a tankful of water to take a shower. Digital showers have many great features and they even remember your preferred shower settings, and the temperature of the water remains constant, even when a tap is turned on in another location in the home.

Working to Budget

This is another grey area for some contractors who have the habit of adding to the quote for every little extra. It is important to agree on a price and have the renovation company agree that the price is all inclusive, regardless of any unexpected occurrences.

If you take the time to look for a bathroom renovation specialist who satisfies all of the above points, then you should be more than happy with your new bathroom. If you are unsure about a quote, simply ask another company to quote for the project, which will help you make the right decision.

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