Tired of Your Old Bathroom? Here are Cheap Renovation Ideas


According to a survey by National Association of Home Builder’s Remodeling Market Index (RMI), 81% of remodelling jobs as of 2015 is from bathroom remodelling. Though common among homeowners, bathroom renovation is often considered a hassle. This is not to mention the financial stress they get from it.

A bathroom renovation does not have to be expensive, though. There are more ways than one for you to save while renovating your bathroom. Here are some of them:


Check all bathroom equipment that needs fixing or replacement. You can start by checking whether or not you have a leaky faucet or sink. When they need to be fixed or replaced, it would be good to invest in a more modern and durable material. Changing both of them is enough to make your bathroom look new, so you don’t need to change the tiles.

You do not want to see rusty faucets in your bathroom, right? Change the rusty ones into something newer and more stylish. There are a lot of modern faucets to choose from. If given enough budget, you can also change your bathtub.


Make your bathroom more functional and aesthetically beautiful by adding more accessories on the walls. You can go with a medicine cabinet, a towel hook or a bigger mirror. To make it more exciting, you can have matching bathroom accessories and supplies. You can also complement your bathroom paint. For instance, if you have a blue bathroom walls, you can add white and blue accessories. Hanging paintings isn’t a bad idea, either.


Resurfacing your bathroom would be too costly. If the walls are still intact, it is smarter to just grab a paintbrush, and start smearing paint on those old-looking walls. You can play with different hues to make your bathroom look more vibrant. You can even add colorful designs and artistic lines.


When repainting is unnecessary, you can opt for the other option. The other option is to add colorful curtains, ceiling fixtures and wallpapers to your bathroom. These do not cost much, and they can make the bathroom interior more cheerful.


If you’re a person who’s likely to take bathroom interior designing to heart, then you probably have a theme. If not, then you’ll find it refreshing to have one. You can play with a new idea for your bathroom and buy new furniture and accessories. You don’t necessarily have to repaint and change the fixtures, though. Creativity will play a big part here.


According to homeowner Mark Hellman, taking on new projects for the house is a new way of relaxing. For him, it is not work but a true labor of love. It may not be an easy task, but it is all worth it. When you are done with the total make-over, you can enjoy and relax in your newly-renovated comfort station.

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