Interior Designing Your Kitchen with Copper Tones


For the homeowner who is designing and building their first dream kitchen it can seem an enormous task. There are more than 30 design principles that interior designers follow. There is one that seems to stand out among all the rest, which is color, since color sets the mood of the entire space which is being designed. Just as a country farm would seem foreign without lush green grass, a few Holstein Milk Cows and chickens, so a kitchen without shades of color that bring a contrast of light and darkness, space and comfort would not be considered a kitchen at all.

Color has many advantages when creating the mood of a place. For example if designing a rustic country home, then either earthy colors like brown or amber, or more metallic colors like copper and orange may fit suitably. The same considerations will be repeated when the homeowner begins choosing the colors for the furniture, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, table and chairs, as well as wall coloring.

Kitchen Utensils

When choosing cooking utensils it is important to not only consider the mood it sets for the kitchen but also the quality of the metal and whether it it suitable for the type of cooking that will be done with them. For example the choice of any Brooklyn Copper cookware for Cowboy style cooking would be less effective than choosing cast iron cookware which is more suitable for cooking outdoors. The kitchen interior designer has many choices to make to fit the home’s overall mood, whether Georgian, Byznatine, Country or Southern, and to blend each room with the other, so that the entire home’s mood blends to create the central tone of the entire home experience.

Psychology of Design

Another dimension of interior design is the psychological effect of the design of the elements in a room. Whether one color fits with another, a piece of furniture doesn’t fit the style of the central tone of the room are minor but important choices to make. Lighting, which comes both from the interior natural setting as well as the brightness caused by lamps, ceiling lights or light that extends from open windows or sliding doors leading to the outside patio or porch. The blending of light elements within a room is important. Lastly, the interior designer faces another challenge when deciding on floor covering. The floor covering, whether open, rugs, carpets or tiles, will depend upon the use of the floor in the room. If the room is recreational in nature one type of floor covering will be more suitable as opposed to a formal setting or utility area. Should the rugs be stationary or movable?

Copper Shades

One idea of variety that has saved many homes during renovation or design is the use of a variety of shades of the primary color, where each different room is contrasted, but with colors of the same family. On the other hand having a variety of colors form different families will have a different effect as the White House has a Green Room and a Blue Room, Red and Yellow Oval Rooms. Each room is set in a significantly different color. These are individual choices which the interior designer must make to keep the family content and feeling at home.

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