Top tips on getting your house ready for listing


Selling your house can be the easiest way to double your wages, but this does not just come easy. Sometimes it takes luck to just list your house and get a buyer immediately. You have to be strategic and plan well if you are to sell your house fast and get the additional money for your personal use. Learning these tips on getting your house ready for listing can boost your chances of getting a buyer in a matter of days.

Understand the market

Just like any other items, homes tend to move faster in certain areas during certain periods of the year. Before you list your home, it will be a prudent idea to first conduct a market research to determine the best time to list your home. Remember that selling brings anxiety, especially if it is taking too long before you get a buyer for your home. Understanding the most recent real estate conditions on platforms such as the Redfin Real-Time can help you know when you are likely to land a deal within days after listing. To be certain about the approximate price that will easily attract clients, you can check the sale price on the Redfin Data Center.

Carry out a feasibility study

Carrying out a financial feasibility study to determine if selling your house at that particular time can be beneficial to you. This will help you avoid those times when the prices of homes are generally low, thus avoiding losses that might come due to general low market prices for homes.

There are cases when the market value for your home is too low, barely able to even fund your mortgage. This is why you need to first understand the approximate price of your home before listing it.

Make appropriate repairs on your house

Things like leaking pipes cracked windows and other concerns will generally put the value of your house down. To list and get a worthy buyer fast, you need to evaluate your house, make necessary repairs and ensure that the condition of the home is good for the next inhabitant.

Clear the rooms

Research shows that empty rooms generally appear bigger than those that have stuff in them. It is for this reason that experts will recommend that you clear your home of all your belongings before listing it. You can rent a store where you can temporarily keep your belongings before finding the next place to put them.

It is, however, also advisable to leave some furniture in the room to give your client an idea on how to arrange the rooms after you have vacated. Put simply, there will be some items you have to leave behind while others must be vacated as soon as you think of listing your home.

Stage your home for maximum appeal

The lawns need to be kept mowed and the hedges trimmed to provide that appeal that every client is dreaming of for his next home. The home needs to look neat, not just on the inside, but also on the outside. The mailbox needs to be replaced if it is damaged to allow your client to get quick email deliveries.

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