6 Packing Tips of Moving Boxes You Must Know When Moving House


Moving houses or relocating can be a painful experience and many don’t look forward to it! People especially do not like packing all their belongings and reopening them at their new place. The fact is that packing moving boxes is not the problem rather it is the way it is done. With the right strategy and organization, you can make your packing of moving boxes an enjoyable and stress free experience.

Moving Boxes

6 Simple Tips for that hassle-free Packing

To help you pack your items in the most efficient way here are some packing tips:


  1. Be an Early Bird

 Do not leave the packing to the last minute! It is best to start well in advance probably 2 months ahead of moving time for large homes so that the packing process is evenly spaced and comfortable. Packing one box a day over a span of two months with a smile sounds better than packing everything in a day and regretting the whole relocation.


  1. Order of Rooms

Start with the rooms that you would least use and continue in the order of items first to pack which have least importance. This will help to keep the packing mess restrained to only a location. While packing, items focus on one room at a time, this will allow you to remember what you are keeping where, ensures efficiency and peace of mind.


  1. De-Clutter the Clutter

 While sorting out your belongings realistically evaluate what you need and what you have not been using for some time now. Throw away things that are not reusable or recycle/donate them.


  1. All about the box

 Use new corrugated boxes for packing moving boxes. However, if this is not available or you would like to save some money purchase good quality and durable used boxes. Ensure that the used boxes are in good condition without any tears or damages. Before you start using the used boxes increase its strength with packing tape to ensure that items don’t fall off from the bottom.


  1. Packing Moving Boxes Efficiently

 When packing your items in a box place the heavier items first followed by the lighter ones. Any empty space in the box can be filled with clothes, newspaper, bubble wrap or any other smaller items in the room to avoid movement of items during relocation. Store heavier items in small boxes rather than large ones and keep the boxes not heavier than 20 kilograms or 30 pounds. Anything heavier would be difficult to load into the transportation truck and may result in the box tearing during relocation. Even while sealing the box on the top ensure that it closes properly and nothing is popping out of the box. While storing items do not mix items from different rooms in a box. This can help avoid any complications while reopening them later.


  1. Loading Unloading

 To easily identify the contents of the boxes, label them well to indicate the room that it belongs to as well as if they contain any delicate items. Label them on the side so that it can be read easily when boxes are stacked up. While loading the boxes into the truck avoid following the order based on rooms. Rather, place heavier boxes first at the bottom followed by the lighter ones and the ones having delicate items in the end so that they are secure and free of damage.

Packing moving boxes is not difficult after-all, isn’t it? Doing it the right way can help you ease all the stress that is involved in it and with proper planning and organization your relocation can be the smoothest ever!

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