Good Items To Have At Hand When Friends Stay Over


Visiting friends in far off lands can be a lot of fun and great for the soul, but travel can often be restricted by cost. Not to fret, though, as there are ways to work around these – and effectively cut expense when visiting family and mates in Australia and beyond. From hotels in Melbourne and backpackers in Canberra to bed and breakfasts in Darwin and apartment shares in Geelong, options are several – and just need to be found and considered, in conjunction with the person who you are going to stay with for many days, weeks or even months.

Your favourite sofa bed Sydney has to offer might not be the most efficient way of living it large, but it will allow you to get to areas in and around the opera house because the cost saved on accommodation can instead by used on sightseeing and other tourist activities. Whether the person you are staying with lives on the high end of the financial scales or the lower side of income earners, they should be able to offer you a bed that doubles as a sofa for a night or week. Ask around, and see who is willing to take you in.

Time together

Given the proximity of your stay, living in their home – and on their furniture – will invariably bring you closer together. Memories made are memories saved – and in the future you will be able to rekindle your good times together over a glass of wine, beer, or your favourite type of cola. If you are a health nut, great, you can just share those good times over water and a salad. Ultimately, while you might not realise it at first, the decision made initially will pay off in the long run, when you and your friend are a close-knit duo.

Time apart

If you are going to be the host, remember the arrangement might not be as tricky as you think because they won’t be hanging around on that sofa all day. Once it is folded up, and looking less like a bed and more like something you sit on, they will off to see the sites, using public transport and getting there by foot. You will be left alone, to get on with your chores, your day, your work and your social life without them. Later, you can resume and catch up about the day’s happenings for the goodness of all.

When they’re gone

Well, then you can start to plan for the next person you are going to host by preparing new bedding and accompaniments for the sleeper couch. A change of duvet cover and slip sheets for the pillows will be welcomed no matter how clean or dirty the previous person left them. You might even consider going to buy some new bedding, which can actually be more than just practical, as the decorative aspect – subject to the design and pattern you use – would make your home look all the more welcoming, warm and inviting to others who have not seen you and your family for a long period.

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