Moving House: What You’ll Need & Packing Tips


Moving house is by no means easy, whether it is around the corner or across the country – There are many things to think about. When looking for a move to go as smoothly as possible, preparation is key and people must plan and prepare themselves accordingly. Today we are going to be providing some great packing tips for those with house moves coming up, which will allow them to pack efficiently and minimise stress… if you are going to be moving house ibn the near future, you MUST carry on reading…

What you need

Before you can even start packing, it is vital that you ensure that you have all of the appropriate materials. Every house move is different therefore people will require different things, but some of the things that you are likely going to need to purchase include the following:

  • Moving boxes – You will need to purchase an array of moving boxes, in range of sizes so that you have boxes suitable for all of your possessions. Don’t only buy a range of cardboard boxes but also consider wardrobe boxes and heavy duty boxes. The boxes that you buy must be of a high standard otherwise they could break.
  • Packing tape – Regular sticky tape simply is not sufficient, you need to make sure that the tape that you choose is strong and able to hold the boxes tightly together throughout you entire moving process.
  • Bubble wrap – You need to get plenty of bubble wrap (or something similar) in order to protect your fragile and delicate items throughout the moving process.
  • Marker pens and labels – Get lots of sticky labels and marker pens so that you can clearly label your moving boxes. A lot of people also choose to purchase ‘fragile’ stickers.

Packing Tips

  • Start packing way before you think that you need to – Packing almost always takes longer than people anticipate.
  • Make sure that you don’t pack things that you are likely going to need before you move until last.
  • Make sure that you label everything, there is no such thing as over-labelling but there is definitely such as thing as under-labelling.
  • Make sure that no boxes are too heavy, this could results in them either breaking or those carrying them getting injured.
  • Get rid of things that you either haven’t used in a long time or don’t plan on using in the future – there is no point in taking ‘junk’ from one house to another. See moving house as a fresh start.
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