Storage Facilities: Central London vs Sydney


Self storage is the go-to solution for most residents who live in sought-after cities. They are a great way to manage the limited living space without breaking the bank. Most of Europe, especially the UK, depends on these units – and Australia is not too far along. You can find all kinds of storage solutions around Sydney.

If you are moving from Sydney to London or vice versa, it would be great to know your options. Let’s see how self storage in Central London compares to those in Sydney.

Need For Self Storage

Residential homes in London tend to be small so that they can accommodate the millions of residents in London while keeping rent at an affordable price. The average size of a London flat is around 43 square meters for a one bedroom flat. spans 4 parking lotsWhile there are larger flats available, residents often resort to flat-sharing or house-sharing to offset the costs.

On the other hand, Sydney seems to be handling its population better. The average size of houses may have decreased, but the average size of apartments increased by 3.2%. Currently, Australian homes have an average size of 186.3 square meters. It is significantly higher than in the UK. However, even with all that space, there is still a need for storage solutions.

Find Storage Space In London and Sydney

While you can find storage facilities just about anywhere, there are two common locations: the main city hubs or the outskirts of the city. You can find storage space in Central London, in the Greater London Area, or Circular Quay in Sydney. Both cities have a decent variety of companies that can handle personal storage and business storage.

Size Options For Self Storage Units

One of the major criteria for storage is the size of the unit. You’ll want to find something that can hold all of your belongings with a little bit of room to spare – not too big, not too small, something that is just right.

Self storage facilities in the UK can have unit sizes ranging from something as small as 10 sq ft to something as large as 200 sq ft. There are also plenty of sizes in between. So you are sure to find something for your items.

Australia has a bit more room, with the smallest unit being 10 sq ft and the largest one being 89 sq ft. The availability of the extra-large options may vary depending on the area.

London tops Sydney here with their size selection, despite the limited space in the city. However, no matter where you are, you are sure to find a unit that suits your needs.

Average Cost Of Self Storage Units

It can be challenging to pin down the average cost of self storage units in London or Sydney since there are so many variables. What is the size of the unit? How long are you renting it? Did you have any late payments? Did you qualify for a discount? Depending on your answer, you can get a wildly different price. So take the following numbers with a grain of salt.

For long-term storage, the Self Storage Association (SSA) UK claims that the average rental costs around £23.11 per square foot per year across the country. In London, you can find a self storage unit for £50-£80, and this covers the smallest and largest options.

While the £50 – 80 ($92-147) is considered a monthly fee, residents rarely pay that amount. There is usually a bundle or discounted fee for the succeeding months. Again, these prices depend on the company, so it is always best to get a quote first.

On the other hand, Sydney may be a bit more pricey, with the smallest unit being around $65 – $75 (£35-41). And like London, Aussie companies also have bundles and deals for long-term clients.

Self storage in London is expensive and the current exchange rate supports that. However, when you compare the overall use of the unit, you can tell that London residents make the most out of it.

Security For Self Storage

Storage facilities cater to different kinds of clients, from students to homeowners to businesses. Given the hodge-podge collection of items, storage facilities have to provide top-notch security. Every company approaches it differently, but there are industry standards that you can expect when looking for a unit.

In London, they tend to be very strict with who has access to storage units. Even staff members can’t have a duplicate key on hand to ensure that no one else can open your unit. The facilities are usually equipped with surveillance cameras, security lights, guards, along with alarms.

Sydney has the same rules in place. Clients have to provide their own padlock and keep their key with them at all times. The facilities are in a fenced area with CCTV cameras and security guards.

When it comes to having the best system in place, it’s pretty even. Both cities are well-equipped with world-class security measures.

Each city has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to providing the ideal self storage unit. However, it’s safe to say that storage companies have your best interest in mind in both scenarios. Whether you are renovating your home and need the extra space or want to declutter your home, self storage is the way to go!

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