What’s Hiding in Your Office Carpet Fibers? How to Eliminate This Problem?


Office carpet is exposed to dirty feet that stomp around it every day. There is also a buildup of other contaminants, spills, and stains. Even though your office carpet gets vacuumed regularly, it is not sufficient.

The office or commercial carpets are designed specially to be sturdy and long-lasting to handle the heavy foot traffic. To add more protection, these carpet floorings are created using specific patterns and multiple colors, to make it hard for stain spots. It doesn’t mean stains and spots are not there!

Research has revealed that commercial carpet can harbor 200,000 bacteria per square inch. This is nearly 700X more than on the toilet seat. Therefore, besides regular office cleaning, there is a need to hire a commercial carpet cleaning Perth professionals for a thorough deep-cleaning job.

Problematic things that hide in your office carpets

Dirt and dust

Dirt, dust or sand gets stuck to your footwear, which eventually ends on your office carpet. Surveys report that on average home accumulates approximately 40 pounds of dirt every year. The possibility in your office is exponentially more. Now, vacuuming eliminates 85% of dirt only, so professional carpet cleaning on a routine basis is needed.

Rotting of food debris

Even if you remove the dropped food from the carpet instantly, some debris remains deep in the carpet fabric. Overtime the crumb traces rot. This stains the carpet as well as spreads unpleasant odor in the office interiors.

Shed dead skin

Humans shed 600,000 skin particles every hour, so taking into account the staff and visitors moving around your office all day the dead skill cells that get accumulated on the carpet are unimaginable.

Microscopic bugs and bacteria

Due to excess buildup of the dead skin, dust, and food debris rot, there is a ground created for the dust-mites, and microscopic beetles to grow and feast. Ultimately, the area gets foul with fecal debris. As your carpet harbors multiple harmful pathogens and germs like norovirus, mold, mildew, salmonella, and E-coli the staff and visitors moving under the roof suffer from health issues because of poor air quality.

Deep-cleaning and sanitizing your office carpets hiring professional carpet cleaners to ensure a healthy and productive environment!

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