Cleaning the chimney bath


Chimney is one of the most important components of the bath. As a result of the combustion of any kind of solid fuel formed resinous substances, oxides, dust and ashes, that exit from the oven are deposited on the walls of chimneys. When a cluster of carbon black in a large amount and narrows the lumen of the chimney outlet of the combustion products is hampered. In turn, this leads to a deterioration of traction, indoor smoke during ignition, reducing the overall efficiency of the furnace and can even cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

How often should I carry out the chimney cleaning bath?

Cleaning the chimney is usually carried out at least once a year. Do it often does not make sense, since it is nothing but the loss of funds, time and effort will bring.

What are the different ways to purge?

The main method of cleaning the chimney bath – mechanical, with Yorshik-weights on the rope or the old-fashioned way, with a long stick with one end wrapped in rags.

There is one non-standard way, it is suitable only for cleaning the chimney bath. For this method, we need a couple of buckets of water to pour out on top in the chimney. Thus, all the soot is washed in a tube in any bending of the pipe or in the furnace itself. Just pour water should be as sharply as possible, to create a powerful flow. Not to pour dirty water bath, Do not forget to put in front of the firebox some capacity. It will only clean the ash pit and melt furnace to dry flue.

In this method, there is a good plus, powerful stream of water we check the strength of the flue pipe, if it is excessively worn, we will know about it in advance and have time to repair or replace it.

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